Watch Korean dramas for any length of time and you soon find that you have favorites.  Favorite shows lead to favorite scenes and the next thing you know, you have a favorite actor.  But it doesn't stop at just one--oh no-- soon you have a list.  A veritable harem of sexy, handsome men who can turn you to jelly with a smile and a great toe-curling kiss. 

I'm a kiss snob.  I admit it.  I get picky about HOW my romantic leads kiss. I want them to draw a girl in and make her feel cherished.  I don't like it when they look like a gorilla trying to eat her face. In my last article I talked about 10 types of K-drama Kisses.  We got to see some examples of great kissing from Jo In SungChoi Jin Hyuk and Jung Kyung Ho.  Below are 10 sexy actors who always know how to give us a great kiss. 

In no particular order...

1.  Gong Yoo

An early favorite for any k-drama fan.  He has a knack of letting you know that he's melting into the kiss as much as he wants you to melt.  This kiss is only one of the reasons we all loved Coffee Prince

2.  Joo Ji Hoon

There is something very sexy and appealing about Ji Hoon.  Whether he's playing a good guy or the bad guy, you just want to jump into his arms and join in.  This kiss from Goong had better be in your favorites list.  Make sure to catch him in his current drama Mask

3.  Jung Il Woo

There is a warmth in Il Woo that his playful nature just can't hide.  When his lips touch yours, you know he is right where he wants to be. 

4. Sung Joon

I could just watch this boy kiss all day.  *sigh*   This is probably my favorite kiss of the MANY excellent kisses in I Need Romance 3

5. Jang Geun Suk

This kiss in Love Rain was the first of my favorite k-drama kisses.  This means that Geun Suk rose to the top of my favorite kisser list early on.  I love the little nips he gives while kissing Yoona.

6. Ji Chang Wook

Chang Wook is the newest addition to my favorite kisser list.  I'm including this entire scene from Healer because he's just too adorable and who wouldn't want to be constantly kissed and nuzzled by him? The vulnerability of his character in this scene melted my heart and turned me on.  I so wish I could change places with Park Min Young.

7.  Lee Jong Suk 

The guy who can un-thaw Park Shin Hye in a kiss deserves to be on anyone's list.  Lee Jong Suk has a way of bringing the intensity of his emotions to every character he plays.  You know what he's feeling and you are with him so that when those lips touch,  your heart and the rest of your body is aching to be with him in that moment.  One of the keys to this great kiss is that moment when he hovers over her lips before continuing to kiss her. 

8.  Kang Ji Hwan

Even though his characters tend to be rough around the edges, you know by his kiss that his heart is falling hard. 

9. Kim Soo Hyun

I just love watching him kiss.  In this scene from My Love From Another Star,  he is returning to the love of his life after a painful separation and he is letting her know she is still everything to him. I love that she is kissing him back just as much. Will we get more great kisses from him in Producer

10. Ji Sung

JI Sung has a way of making you feel like you are everything he desires and nothing else will do.  In this scene in Kill Me, Heal Me, he is even willing to face the wrath of an alter ego just for the woman he loves so much. 

These are only a small handful of the great kissers in our k-drama lineups.  It is not lost to me that Eun Yoon Hye is in several of these kisses.  She is great for actually kissing back.   Who are some of the actors or actresses you love to watch kiss? And if you are miffed that your favorite isn't in this list, why yes, I did do that on purpose. Right? lol

Wendilynn K is co-blogger of the blog As the Kimchi Turns. She is on the drama clubs for Dear Mom and Orange Marmalade. She's also a member of the Dramafever video drama club. You can catch her past DCs here.