Romantic comedies add little fun--and fantasy--to life, bringing viewers nothing but pure joy. No matter what type of relationship you may be in, rom-coms have elements everyone would love to add to their romance. The careers of the actors on this list were literally defined by the genre. In fact, they fell harder for rom-coms than any of us because it shot them to superstardom!

Let's take a look at some of these guys now.

1. Lee Min Ho

The handsome 30-year-old actor became a global star because of his starring role in the 2009 series Boys Over Flowers. A year later, he took on another upbeat TV series called Personal Taste

2. Kim Soo Hyun 

He became an Asia superstar with his leading role in the idol studded 2011 show Dream High. The 29-year-old heartthrob later solidified himself as the ideal leading man (or alien) in the 2013 hit My Love From Another Star.

3. Song Joong Ki

Many can't imagine life without the dashing Captain Shin Jin in Descendants of the Sun, but this 32-year-old actor is grateful for the 2010 gem Sungkyungkwan Scandal that made him a household name.

4. Hyun Bin

The world was introduced to this 35-year-old stud in the 2005 series My Lovely Sam Soon. He blew global audiences away once again in the 2010 fantasy Secret Garden.

5. Rain

His breakout K-drama was considered the pioneer for rom-coms in the South Korean drama industry and no true Cloud (his fandom) could forget 2004 mega-hit Full House. In more recent years, the ruggedly handsome 35-year-old has continued the trend with funny shows like Please Come Back, Mister (2016). 

6. Kim Ji Hoon

This cute actor has also been attached to upbeat shows for some time. Audiences fell for the striking 36-year-old star in the 2007 treasure Daughters-in-Law and 2008 fan favorite Love and Marriage.

7. Kai

Even though he is still a rookie in the acting world, life before Andante was full of romantic comedies. The 23-year-old idol played in the fun web shows EXO Next Door (2015) and  Choco Bank (2016). 

8. Kwak Dong Yeon

This 20-year-old dapper guy first caught the eye of the public in the 2012 hit series My Husband Got a Family. His popularity soared when he starred in last year's popular show Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

9. Jung Il Woo

The world took notice of the debonair 30 year-old actor in the 2006 comedic daily series Unstoppable High Kick. His popularity continued to soar after that year, and he starred in beloved Cinderella themed shows like Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Cinderella and Four Knights

10. Yoon Sang Hyun

The 44 year-old star showed how gallant he truly was by starting his acting career in his 30s and proving to be stiff competition for actors 10 or more years his junior. Queen of Housewives (2009) put his name on the map and Secret Garden (2010) secured his superstar status. 

11. Park Bo Gum

Even though he has excelled in a variety of genres, the 24 year-old's breakout role in the 2015 series Answer Me 1988 gave him his nickname Nation's Little Brother. Asia was caught up in the Moonlight Syndrome when the charming star's historicall Moonlight Drawn By Clouds hit it big the following year.

Are there any other actor's career you feel were heavily influenced by romantic comedies? 

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