They may be young, but they're fandoms are powerful!  South Korea's legislative elections are happening tomorrow, while the USA is getting ready to elect a new president this November. In honor of the global elections, I decided to make up fantasy presidential candidates K-drama fans would love to elect President of South Korea. Even though we are only three and a half months into 2016, the five stars on this list could be elected President by the enormous fandom they gained this year.

1. Song Joong Ki

Song has used his rigorous training in the military to help him succeed in his role as a captain of special forces in Descendants Of The Sun. His growing fanbase is not only impressed with his acting, but his chiseled physique as well. He could be a great leader for the South Korean military and an incredible icon for fitness. 

2. Jin Goo

The fellow DOTS alum may have been acting since 2003, but his newfound fanbase is probably making him feel like a rookie all over again. The talented actor's legions of fans are also obsessed with his on-screen relationship with actress Kim Ji Won. Of course, if the talented actor were elected, his wife Ji Hye would join him in the Blue House as First Lady.

3. Seo Kang Joon

Even though he was the second male lead, the 5urprise member pretty much stole the spotlight in Cheese In A Trap. For the Blue House, his fandom would probably pull though for him, because he has the Midas Touch as the underdog.

4. EXO's Kai

The idol was already well-known thanks to his SMTown boy group, but his starring role in the web drama Choco Bank helped his popularity skyrocket! If he was elected president, f(x)'s Krystal stands a good chance at being his First Lady. 

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Choco Bank

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5. Nam Joo Hyuk

Who doesn't love Joo Hyuk? Following his roles on School 2015 and Glamorous Temptation, the model-turned-actor gained even more recognition as the perfect Kwon Eun Taek in Cheese In The Trap. His growing fandom since his Akdong Musician music video days would definitely take him all the way! 

If any of these stars really ran for president of South Korea, who would you vote for? 

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Image Credit: High Cut