It's the ladies' turn!

Since we have seen several male stars whose careers were transformed because of their roles in romantic comedies, it's time to look at leading ladies who experienced the same good fortune from the genre. The 11 women on this list blow us away with their beauty and talented every time they appear on-screen, and we can thank rom-coms for introducing them to us.  

1. Park Shin Hye

The 27 year-old actress is stunning in whatever production she stars in. She proved it with her 2009 series You're Beautiful, which achieved high ratings in Japan and a global cult following. She has become romantic comedy royalty with the 2010 sleeper hit film Cyrano Agency and popular TV shows like Heirs (2013) and Pinocchio (2014).

2. Kim Yoo Jung

She landed her first adult leading role in the delightful Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and became a household name. The 18 year-old doll had viewers laughing out loud prior to Moonlight with her role as a cat turned human in the 2014 web series Love Cells and the 2015 sequel Love Cells 2

3. Yoo Eun Hye

The 32 year-old beauty won hearts around the world with her hit dramas Goong (2006) and Coffee Prince (2007). Her quirky 2013 show Marry Him If You Dare was yet another gem that deserved the same amount of recognition as her previous projects. 

4. Jung Ryeo Won

She first rose to stardom in the 2005 hit My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and 2006 series What Planet Are You From?, and the pretty 35 year-old actress has remained a fixture in acting ever since. 

5. Choi Ji Woo

The lovely 42 year-old veteran, who excelled in a mixture of genres over the years, recently revamped her career with rom-coms like the 2015 series Twenty Again and 2016 movie Like For Likes

6. Son Na Eun

The 23 year-old idol is still a rookie when it comes to acting, but her stand out roles in rom-coms Twenty Again and Cinderella and Four Knights were unforgettable. The A Pink was even honored with an award for her participation in We Got Married (2013-2014). Being SHINee Taemin's virtual wife helped prepare her for more romantic roles later on. 

7. IU

Nothing can outshine this 24 year-old idol's stellar music career! The delightful star has blown us away on stage, but we were first introduced to her acting ability in the 2011 popular teen series Dream High. She continued the romance and comedy trend with series like Pretty Man (2013) and Producer (2015).

8. Lee Sung Kyung

The breathtaking model turned actress has audiences across the world spellbound by her incredible performances in hilarious shows like Cheese in a Trap (2016) and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016). The fact that the 27 year-old is still a rookie (debuting in 2014) is amazing. 

9. Yoo In Na

It's hard to imagine her life before playing Kim Sun in Goblin, but she starred in several shows, and the upbeat romances made her acting extraordinary. Shows like the 2012 fantasy series Queen In Hyun's Man and the 2013 hit My Love From Another Star made the 35 year-old appealing star a household name. 

10. Gong Hyo Jin

The 37 year-old is considered the queen of rom-coms in South Korea due to successful productions in that genre. Pasta (2010), The Greatest Love (2011) and The Master's Sun (2013) illustrate her title perfectly.

11. Gu Hye Sun

Her career wouldn't be the same without her iconic role of Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers. The 32 year-old doe-eyed doll continued to enjoy success in the rom-com field with dramas like Take Care of Us, Captain (2012) and You Are Too Much (2017). 

Which talented lady would you add to this rom-com list?

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