Singer and actress Lee Hye Ri has been a hard worker in the South Korean entertainment industry since her debut with Girl's Day in 2010. She has juggled her music and acting career effortlessly. Fans have grown to love her unique acting ability with roles in the K-dramas Tasty Life, Hyde, Jekyll, and I, and Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School. Her new series Answer Me 1988 is expected to show another side of her versatile acting. 

Today, I want to show you some of the different roles she and her group have taken on in their special music videos over the years. Let's see Hye Ri's idol acting in the seven videos below.

1. "Hello Bubble" (2015)

She was a blond and brunette in this cheerful video about falling in love. Hye Ri brought on the aegyo to go with the group's cute and alluring choreography. 

2. "Twinkle Twinkle" (2011)

It was aegyo overload again in this early Girl's Day video. Hyeri looked so young in her school girl clothes. This video was hilarious when one member's jealously let it get the best of her. 

3. "If You Give Your Heart For Me"  (2011)

The ladies performed this track for the OST of the MBC family drama Sparkling. This behind-the-scenes video demonstrates just how hard Girls Day works in the studio to record the songs you have come to love. 

4.  "One More" (2011)

Hye Ri and her girls took their fans on a virtual vacation in this tropical-themed music video. The serene beach, yacht, and museum scenes make it the perfect getaway film. This clip probably solidified them as dream girls. 

5."Ring My Bell" (2015)

Hye Ri alternates between short and long dark locks in this super sexy video. This sizzling short might have been too hot for South Korean TV.

6. "Darling" (2014)

The girls are sugary sweet in this video about being shy and in love. You can consistently see the versatility of Hye Ri's acting ability.

7. "I Miss You" (2014)

Hye Ri is bringing the emotions! Her acting is on point in this emotional MV about separating from a lover. This could be a great audition reel!

Which video is your favorite? 

You can watch Hye Ri transform into 80s girl Sung Deok Sun in the rousing new series Answer Me 1988 every week on DramaFever. 

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