Kai is coming!

This July, the beloved https://www.dramafever.com/exo/actor/3478/" target="_blank">EXO member stars in his very first K-drama titled Andante. Sure, we have seen him in web shows like Choco Bank, but the youth series Andante will be the first time he takes the leading role in a television series. Fans (aka EXO-L) have been waiting years to see Kai branch out like his fellow EXO buddies D.O. and Baekhyun have. Will his new on-screen character Lee Shi Kyung become as iconic as his idol status? Only Kai has the power!

Let's take a look at six videos featuring the 23 year-old superstar that started our Kai obsession and makes us even more excited for the summer.

1. Kai's EXO Teaser

A year before EXO debuted, he was introduced to the world as a mysterious and sexy dancer. His storybook character look transformed right in front of our very eyes.

2, Kai's EXO Teaser "What Is Love"

He mastered the mannequin challenge long before everyone else His teaser clip for EXO's first ballad was proof! Have you ever seen a mannequin who was this talented? I didn't think so!

3. EXO - "MAMA"

After a series of dance teasers, Kai debuted with his boys under this spellbinding music video. The dancing and special effects make it pure magic!


Who didn't love this catchy tune when it was first released? Kai kicking off music videos became a trend with a few of EXOs hits and "History" was one of the early ones. His deep voice and smooth dance moves sold K-Pop fans right away.

5. YOUNIQUE UNIT - "Maxstep" 

Shortly after his debut with EXO, he was chosen to be apart of SMTOWN's special dance unit. Representative members of EXO, Girls Generation, Super Junior, Super Junior- M and SHINee joined forces to release this powerful anthem. EXO-L was so proud of their boy for getting chosen to perform alongside SM legends. 

6. EXO - "Call Me Baby" 

Fans all wanted Kai's phone number after this sexy video requesting their crushes to call them. All the guys are slaying on the dance floor, but it's hard to take your eyes off Kai with his effortless dancing. 

Which video made you fall in love with Kai?

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