Lee Jung Shin kicked off 2018 the right way with his endearing and romantic series http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5140" target="_blank">Longing Heart. The CNBLUE member's portrayal of heartbroken teacher Kang Shi Woo is stellar, while his rookie co-stars (Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Yeol Eum) continue to amaze us. The cast's superior acting skills are even more pronounced by the sentimental soundtrack.

Let's listen to the incredible background music enhancing every episode of Longing Heart now.

1. Monday Kiz - "Let's Love Again"

Kang Shi Woo and Han Ji Soo's couple scenes are saturated with this tune about a person wanting to express their true feelings and never leave their lover's side.

2. Hello Gayoung - "Where Are You?"

You can feel the emptiness our main characters experience in this single about missing a lover. It describes someone anxiously waiting for their significant other to return to them. This seems to be tailor-made for Shin Woo's present-day and solo scenes in the past.

3. GUGUDAN's Hana - "Caution Note" (aka Fluttering Forecast)

This song illustrates Shin Woo's innocent high school days. His puppy love started for Ji Soo when he was a teen, and it reminds us of the carefree feelings you have when you first start falling for someone.

4. Imfact - "Longing Heart"

We were introduced to the sweet series with this boy band's single. The upbeat theme song will forever represent Longing Heart in our minds.

Which Longing Heart song will you have on repeat this weekend? Have you watched it yet? It's ready to binge now!


Longing Heart

Starring Lee Jung Shin and Lee Yeol Eum

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