Chanyeol is too cute to miss!

The EXO member let art imitate life when he stared in joint South Korean and Chinese production So I Married an Anti-Fan. Of course EXO-Ls haven't seen him involved in any career ending scandals, but that fact that he is playing Hallyu star Hou Zhun should make us all take notice. On Saturday, we will finally be able to see his fun romantic comedy, which co-stars Yuan Shan Shan and Seohyun.  Just in case you can't decide if you should add his new movie to your watchlist, I have listed ten adorable photos of the leading man that should help make your decision much easier. 

1. Adorable sleeping Chanyeol photos are always an EXO-L favorite. Coffee seems to work better than warm milk for him. 

2. It's racing time with Super Mario idol.

3. He and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo's Baekhyun are having so much fun posing with statute of an English Royal guard. 

4. He and Running Man's Yoo Jae Suk look like besties in this behind-the-scenes selfie. 

5. Chanyeol is twinning with historical figures. 

6. He loves cuddling with Ronald McDonald in this snapshot. I'm assuming he is a big fan of McDonald's burgers and fries.

7. The 23 year-old star turns back the clock with this precious childhood photo with his puppy. 

8. Who doesn't love a guy who can play the guitar? He's an idol who can multitask. 

9. Many EXO-Ls probably think he looks sexy in glasses. He should consider going a year in this studious look. 

10. Chanyeol is not afraid to represent hometowns of his foreign fans! He knows how to make his L.A. fans feel extra special. 

Which adorable Chanyeol photo is persuading you to watch So I Married an Anti-Fan this weekend? 

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So I Married an Anti-Fan (2016)

Starring Park Chan Yeol and Yuan Shan Shan

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