One Sunny Day is coming tomorrow to DramaFever! The newest short web series filled with love, starring So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won, is ready to warm your heart. In the LINE K-drama, the pair accidentally meet each other on beautiful Jeju Island and sparks fly. You may remember Kim as mean girl Rachel Yoo in the 2013 SBS youth drama Heirs. This time around, she is the girl the leading man is destined to fall in love with. Let's take a look at seven adorable photos of Kim that proves she is leading lady material.

1. She is an regal beauty in this vibrant red evening gown. Plus, Kim Ji Won is already accustomed to the red carpet. 

2. She brightened up this springy photo shoot with a pink flower lei. I wonder if she visited Hawaii?

3. This reminds me of so many things like mimes and the circus. It's a work of art. She can even bring art to life!

4. She is the accessory queen here. The wardrobe department outdid themselves, but she wears the unique bracelets well.

5. Her dark expressive eyes are haunting! 

6. Can you guess what she is thinking about? The fact that she made you curious proves she has the ability to capture you.

7. The audience loves ladies who can get in touch with their inner bad girl. Kim's ripped jeans and tough girl demeanor are perfect.

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Watch the trailer now:

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