You can never take some things back, and Lee Hwayoung of BOYS24 just learned that the hard way. Yesterday, it was announced that his record label had terminated his contract and expelled him from the group, after a shocking recording of him insulting fans that surfaced last week proved too detrimental to the well-being of everybody involved.

The punishment for Lee Hwayoung's leaked comments regarding what he thought of his fans was as harsh as expected. In an official statement, record label CJ E&M announced that the young idol's career was essentially over, bringing a once-promising career to an abrupt end. The announcement, in full, is as follows: 

"First, we sincerely apologize once again to all the fans who love 'BOYS24' that have been hurt and worried because of the problems with Hwayoung's private life as well as his degradation of fans. We are now letting you know that after talking carefully about what to do, Hwayoung has been expelled from BOYS24 and his contract has been cancelled. As we said in our official statement on the 8th, we are worried that the negative controversy around Hwayoung's personal problems would hurt BOYS24's image as a whole, and that the sincerity of the other members who work their best to give the fans, who cheer them on every performance, might be twisted. We have decided not only to permanently expel him from BOYS24 but also to cancel his exclusive contract with us as an artist. We want to apologize once again to all the fans who have cherished and supported BOYS24, and promise that BOYS24 will be working their best for an even better stage. Please show them support. Thank you."

In his defense, Lee just turned 21 years old, and he's obviously still just a kid. The punishment for his words may seem a bit harsh, but unfortunately for him, the powers that be considered his behavior inexcusable and ultimately, unforgivable. This just goes to show that when you're a celebrity, or anybody in the public eye for that matter, you really have to be on your best behavior at all times, because after all, image is everything. And sometimes, once damaged beyond repair, there's really nothing that can be done to repair it.

Lee Hwayoung


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