Next month, SHINee's Key makes his television acting debut in TvN's Let's Drink. The beloved idol is expected to deliver a very spirited performance following his roles in eight different stage plays. Key, who is a big fan of fashion and shopping, loves connecting with fans and giving us a glimpse into his glorious idol life via social media. Before we see the 24 year-old take on a new acting gig, let's meet the idol behind-the-scenes as we take a look at ten photos that solidify his idol status.

1. Key can easily get a real snapshot in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

2. He can casually chat with fashion designer Rick Owens about the "great show" he had.

3. Popular idols have no problem scoring a special editor gig with an international fashion magazine.

4. When was the last time you could enjoy reading a good piece of literature in front of a picturesque window in Paris, France? Key did last month.

5. When he poses for a photo in California, it resembles a Vogue pictorial.

6. Even his pictures in the waiting room, generate the need for a Google search to find the designers that dressed him so well.

7. When he and his band visits Chicago for the very first time, this is their welcoming party.

8. His airport wait is stress free! It's just another opportunity for him to model his latest fashion find.

9. Key uploads the occasional photo from one of his many commercials.

10. It's plain and simple! His selfies look better than yours even in the shade.

You can watch Key portray a frustrated student in the romantic series Let's Drink when it premieres on September 5. Which idol Key photo is your favorite?


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Image Credit: Key's Official Instagram