Andante was a tearjerker with a surprising message of hope. Week after week, viewers were faced with traumatizing scenarios that seemed impossible to overcome. Somehow, the stars in each devastating scene found a way to encourage the audience to heal and move on with their lives. EXO's Kai did a great job of motivating his fans to not take life for granted and to become an inspiration to those around them instead. Now that the touching series is over, it's time to remember five priceless tips Andante gave us about coping with loss. 

1. Crying starts the healing process.

Every week, the show placed a spotlight on one or more patients who faced a terminal illness, and one of the main stars died from a disease in the end. The main character's fellow students encouraged the one in mourning to stop pretending they were strong and be honest about their emotions. Opening up was the first step to moving on for everyone.  

2. A core group of friends and family can help you move on with your life.

The student volunteers at the hospice were there for each other through mourning periods, while Shi Kyung's family bonded together when they learned of Grandmother's grim diagnosis. Despite their petty arguments, they relied on each other through the good times and bad. 

3. Only remember the good times you shared with the deceased.

After one of the main character's died, the other person decided to only focus on the positive conversations they had, and spoke to their spirit when they wanted to share happy news with them. They kept the departed one in their heart as a wonderful memory. 

4. Never live in regret. 

Grandmother regretted not giving her son his favorite meal before he embarked on his last trip overseas. Unfortunately, her lifelong regret of so many things regarding her deceased son damaged her health. It was best for her to focus on the family she was blessed with in the present-day instead. 

5. Make sure you continue to live a meaningful life that everyone is proud of.

The dying main character wrote a letter telling their loved one to continue to do what they do best. They explained that the healthy living person "makes people feel good and warm". They wanted them to continue to share that goodness with others who need it. Every day is another opportunity to make a positive impact in someone's life!

Which tip do you feel is the most helpful? 



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Spring Has Come

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