This is terribly sad news for Korean Drama fans. Actor Choi Sung Won, who many know from his role in Answer Me 1988, has unfortunately been diagnosed with leukemia. These recent developments in the actor's health have resulted in him leaving the cast for the upcoming drama Mirror of the Witch in order to focus solely on his treatment and recovery. 

According to statements released by the show's producers, Choi Sung Won retained a minor injury during filming, but soon became concerned when he realized that his body was not feeling normal and his bruises were healing slower than they should have. This resulted in him going to the hospital for a check-up on May 9, where he received his official diagnosis. 

In his doctor's opinion, the sooner that the acute leukemia is treated, the higher the probability of a full recovery. With this in mind, Choi Sung Woo decided to step down from his role as Dong Rae so that he can focus all his attention on getting better. The show's producers fully supported this decision stating, "Choi Sung Won was more passionate about filming than anyone else, and he loved the drama a lot. However, he believed that he should not bring harm to the drama, and the staff also believed that he must focus on his treatment. Since he was one of the leading actors, the staff is disappointed, but decided to respect his actions because his recovery is the top priority." 

This is truly saddening news, but we along with Choi Sung Won's fans hope that he has a full and quick recovery. We wish him the absolute best as he proceeds with his treatment. 

What do you think of this unfortunate news? Any positive vibes to send to Choi Sung Won? Let us know in the comments below.


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