Story and high ratings greatly influence our decision of which K-dramas to watch. We are dying to know if the plot was interesting and how the public responded to it. But, what about the shows that win big at award ceremonies? Those should be at the top of our viewing lists, and today DramaFever will make your life a little easier by listing some of the K-dramas that received top awards for their wonderful work in recent years.

1. Good Doctor (2013) - several awards including Best Writer, Top Excellence Awards and Best Drama (Korea Drama Awards) (27th KBS Drama Awards) (Korea Broadcasting Awards)

The world loved this medical series so much it was recently remade into an American TV show. Good Doctor is about a skilled young surgeon who has to deal with the harsh and judgmental world around him. His memory and spatial skills are excellent, but his mental and emotional development are several years behind his peers because of his autism/savant syndrome.

2. The Prime Minister and I (2013) - Best Couple and Excellence Award - Actress in a Miniseries (27th KBS Drama Awards)

The May-December romance was done with such class in this series, viewers couldn't help rooting for them. Love accidentally blossomed for a Prime Minister and a young tabloid reporter during their pretend marriage, and the reporter actually ended up teaching him a valuable life lesson along the way.


The Prime Minister and I

Starring Lee Bum Soo and Im Yoon Ah

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3. You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin (2013) - multiple awards including Excellence Awards and Best Couple Award (27th KBS Drama Awards)

This family drama centers around a young girl who dreams of being successful despite the harsh realty of her low paying temporary jobs. After suffering two devastating losses, she finally gets a chance at stardom, love and the opportunity to meet her birth mother.


You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin

Starring Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Jo Jung Suk

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4. My Love From Another Star (2014) - several awards including Special Award For Foreign Dramas, Best Couple and Best OST (8th Tokyo International Drama Festival)(2014 SBS Drama Awards) (24th Seoul Music Awards)

Aliens falling in love with humans is a classic story in the supernatural genre. This time around, the forever young and handsome alien plays her knight in shining armor several times during their time together. Of course, there is plenty of unrequited love from supporting characters to keep viewers entertained as well.


My Love From Another Star

Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

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5. Birth of a Beauty (2014) - multiple awards including Top 10 Stars, Best Couple and Best Global Actress. (2014 SBS Drama Awards) (15th Hwajeong Awards)

Revenge is one housewife's main motivation when she finds out her husband of seven years is leaving her for someone seemingly prettier. After a dramatic physical transformation, she realizes love is much stronger than hate can ever be.


Birth of a Beauty

Starring Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul

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6. Oh My Ghostess (2015) - several awards including Excellence Award, Best Actress and Best Chemistry Award (4th APAN Star Awards) (4th Annual DramaFever Awards) (tvN10 Awards 2016)

Horror mixed with romance and comedy made the perfect concoction! A sexy ghost transforms a shy girl's love life for the better. Her crush finally starts paying attention to her after she gets possessed.


Oh My Ghostess

Starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

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7. Yong Pal (2015) - multiple awards including Best Screenplay, Best Drama and Best Couple (8th Korea Drama Awards) (2015 Hallyu Awards) (23rd SBS Drama Awards)

A skilled surgeon is buried in debt due to his ailing sister's medical bills, and his only means of extra income is treating criminals secretly. His world is turned upside down when he gets involved with a special case of a heiress in a coma. You may remember the leading actor Joo Won from his hit series Good Doctor.

8. Signal (2016) - multiple awards including Best Drama, PD's Choice and Presidential Commendation Award (52nd Baeksang Arts Awards) (tvN10 Awards 2016) (2016 Korea Content Awards)

This chilling tale is about detectives living over a decade apart communicating through walkie talkies to try to solve the most heinous crimes of the past.

9. Answer Me 1988 (2015) - multiple awards including Best International Artist, Best Kiss and Best Content (16th Top Chinese Music Awards) (4th Annual DramaFever Awards) (tvN10 Awards 2016)

A group of teens experience their coming of age alongside their country during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The leading lady's heart is pulled in different directions as she struggles to connect with her true love. Its predecessors Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994 won their fair share of awards as well.


Answer Me 1988

Starring Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri) and Go Kyung Pyo

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10. Cheese in the Trap (2016) - Best Actor, Best New Actress for Television, Best Artist and Best Entertainer Awards for Actors (Korean Cable TV Awards 2016) (52nd Baeksang Arts Awards) (1st Asia Artist Awards)

A romantic comedy with a thriller influence! A hard-working girl embarks on a relationship with a nice, rich guy with seemingly psychopathic ways. Along the way, she learns the truth behind the misfortunes that happens to her and those around her. She realizes her rich boyfriend is dealing with more inner pain than she could ever imagine.


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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11. Descendants of the Sun (2016) several awards including iQiyi Global Star, Excellent Korean Drama and Special Jury Award TV Series (52nd Baeksang Arts Awards) (11th Seoul International Drama Awards) (50th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival)

Love is in the air for a doctor and military captain. Even though differences of opinions and the strain of their demanding careers threatens to keep them apart, their hearts grow even closer as time passes. We also see a loving military couple break all the rules to enjoy their life together. This global hit is timeless.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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12. Cinderella with Four Knights (2016) - Ahn Jae Hyun scored the Top Excellence - Actor, Global Star and Best Actor awards. (9th Korea Drama Awards) (7th Macau International Television Festival)

In this fan favorite, three handsome and rich cousins try to woo a hard-working lady who moves into their mansion to teach them valuable life lessons. Their grandfather hired her, but her job proves to be too overwhelming as she finds herself falling in love with one of the cousins.


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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13. Dear My Friends (2016) - multiple awards including Best Drama, Best Screenplay and Best Content (53rd Baeksang Arts Awards) (9th Korea Drama Awards) (tvN10 Awards 2016)

Elders enlighten the younger generation by befriending them and sharing their wisdom. This star-studded cast features all your favorite parents and grandparents from the best K-dramas.


Dear My Friends

Starring Go Hyun Jung and Kim Young Ok

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14. Goblin (2016) several awards including Best Melodrama, Best Actor and Best OST (5th Annual DramaFever Awards) (53rd Baeksang Arts Awards) (32nd Golden Disc Awards)

The past meets the future as a goblin and a grim reaper cross paths with the goblin's bride and a reincarnated Queen. All of their lives are transformed as they fall in love and face the harsh realities in front of them. They have to fight to try to overcome the supernatural obstacles in their way. This series is one of most iconic supernatural shows of the present-day.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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15. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) - Outstanding Korean Actress and Best Actress (12th Seoul International Drama Awards) (1st Seoul Awards)

What happens when a young lady with supernatural powers meets a rich guy who needs a bodyguard? She uses her powers for good while trying to hide them from her first love. This popular series helped put the cable network JTBC on the map.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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16. Fight My Way (2017) - multiple awards including Drama of the Year, Best Drama, Excellence Awards for Actor and Actress (2017 Brand of the Year Awards) (1st The Seoul Awards) (31st KBS Drama Awards)

Four friends find love and discover their true purposes in life with the added bonus of their bond becoming even stronger in the process. Dreams came true for this seemingly unmotivated group of young people. It was one of the best romantic comedies of 2017!


Fight My Way

Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

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Which K-dramas are you surprised to see on this list?

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