The Package has already taken our breath away with the gorgeous French landscape. We can't help but marvel at the scenery, as well as the incredible acting of the main cast. The show's leading male star, Jung Yong Hwa, is a double threat with his acting and remarkable musical talent. I can recall several of his songs that would be sensational on the drama's soundtrack. Let's listen to some of those OST-ready songs now.

1. "That Girl" (feat. Loco)

This song could've played in the background the moment San Ma Ru spoke to Yoon So So on the phone for the first time. Viewers saw sparks flying the first two episodes!

2. "Fool" (duet with Juniel)

This song is appropriate for our main couple's late night rendezvous in France. From the Seine to the Mont Saint-Michel, this track is upbeat enough to brighten up the mood. 

3. "One Fine Day"

When Ma Ru has flashbacks to the time he spent with his ex-girlfriend, this should be his melancholy go-to song. The group's older couple, Han Bok Ja and Oh Gab Soo, could also use this one in their past and present scenes since Bok Ja's death date is looming. 

4. "Mileage" (rap song with YDG)

Mystery pair Jung Yeon Sung and Na Hyun's story hasn't been told yet. My guess is that they are father and daughter. The girl may not be happy with the new lady in her dad's life. Nonetheless, it seems Yeon Sung's life at home is jam-packed and this song would illustrate his desire to relax with loved ones. 

5-6. "Hello" and "Fireworks" (duets with Sunwoo JungA)

So So's brief flashbacks with her ex-husband could be brought to life with "Hello" (which is about a season reminding you of a lover). Longtime couple Kim Gyung Jae and Han So Ran could claim "Fireworks" as they rediscover their love for each other. 

7. CNBLUE's "Between Us"

Gyung Jae and So Ran could use this song to discuss the undefined terms of their long-term relationship. What does the future hold for them?

8. CNBLUE "I'm Sorry"

I'd say this song expresses mysterious man's (aka So So's brother) internal turmoil superbly. He knows his sister loves him, but he's angry at her life choices and how it affected their family.

Which song would you love to hear on The Package soundtrack?


The Package

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