The beloved actor Song Joong Ki can be your date this weekend! His film Penny Pinchers is under the spotlight for this week's DramaFever Movie Night as your special after work (or school) movie to enjoy. He portrays character Ji Woong, a clueless college graduate who lives off his mom's allowance. Before you decide if you should watch Song play a lackluster young guy, I have listed five great reasons why you should definitely tune in to see this talented actor work his magic onscreen once again.

1. He is an award-winning actor.

The 30-year-old star has won 13 awards for his acting and style since his debut in 2008. How many other actors share couple awards with the Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won?

2. Song is a genius in real life. 

 After scoring superior grades in high school, he scored 380 out of 400 on his college entrance exam! The star was accepted into the prominent Sungkyunkwan University too. Here is his graduation photo.

3. He already completed military service.

After almost two yeas, Song completed his mandatory military service last May. 

4. He has played a werewolf on the silver screen.

He was South Korea's answer to the werewolf that Hollywood has glamorized so much over the years. Was his version of the supernatural creature in A Werewolf Boy scary or heartbreaking to you?

5. His character in Penny Pinchers is adorably clueless.

Ji Woong's mom has been taking care of him for so long he doesn't know the value of a dollar. He honestly thinks money should be given to him, so he charms his way through job interviews and chats with his landlord with no positive outcome.

Which awesome reason will have you watching Song this weekend? 


Penny Pinchers

Starring Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki

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