Summer K-dramas are here, and it's time to pick the best shows to binge watch during your vacation. Sometimes it's hard to choose that one perfect series to get the marathon started. So, why don't you let your girl crush do all the work! Today, I have listed a few of the main actresses starring in new and upcoming DramaFever programs who can help you make that difficult K-drama choice.

1. Park Shin Hye (Doctor Crush)

The child star-turned-A-list-actress is wowing audiences again as the reformed rebel Hye Jung. Her on-screen beau seemed to be a good influence on her character, and Park has always been the perfect role model for drama fans and our number one girl crush.

2. Lee Sung Kyung (Doctor Crush)

Who wasn't impressed with Lee's acting skills in Cheese in the Trap? The stunning model is determined to demonstrate her versatility as an actress as the straight-laced character Jin Seo Woo. Will she win the leading man's heart this time around?

3. Moon Ji In (Doctor Crush)

Moon is an excellent actress with her bright eyes and dynamic personally. The character Soon Hee could not have been played by a more worthy talent. Her Doctor Crush character Soon Hee has the ultimate girl crush on Hye Jung growing up.

4. Choi Soo Young (Squad 38)

The Girls Generation beauty continues to expand her acting resume with this latest crime series. She plays Tax Collection Bureau's officer Chun Sun Hee, who will probably be caught up in an intense love triangle with the suave Yang Jung Do (Seo In Guk) very soon. I wonder if Seo is a Sone in real life? 

5. Lee Sun Bin (Squad 38)

This rookie actress only has a few projects under her belt, but she is definitely making an impact in dramaland. Her new character Jo Mi Joo is one of the irreplaceable members of the squad who is determined to uphold justice.

6. Kim So Hyun (Let's Fight Ghost, premieres on July 11)

She is a gifted child star who has literally grown up in front of our eyes. She may be only 17 years old, but Kim is already setting girl crush goals. The fact that she will be playing ghost Kim Hyun Ji alongside the dreamy Taecyeon makes many viewers love and envy her all at the same time.

7. Baek Seo E ( Let's Fight Ghost)

This rookie actress is set to portray college beauty Im Seo Yeon in her new supernatural series. Taecyeon's character will be crushing on her, and I'll bet the rest of dramaland will be too. 

8. Suzy Bae (Uncontrollably Fond, premieres tomorrow, July 6)

She is the unstoppable singer and actress with the Midas touch! This time around, the sexy, chart-topping idol decided to accept the more humble role of TV producer No Eul beside Kim Woo Bin's superstar on-screen character Shin Joon Young.

9. Kim Ah Joong (Wanted)

This beloved model and actress has divided her time equally between TV and movies over the years. South Korea can not seem to get enough of her lovely face on numerous ads too. This summer, she continues to work hard becoming the physically and emotionally exhausted mom Jung Hye In for her new thriller series.

Which lady will you be girl crushing on this summer?


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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