Some of the loveliest ladies in the South Korean entertainment industry didn't wait for love to find them; they went out and pursued it. The beauties on this list don't need any help in the romance department. They decided to create their own destinies.

1. Eugene

Eugene's love story with  Ki Tae Young wasn't love at first sight, but the Baker King Kim Tak Gooactress initiated their friendship. She asked Ki's stylist for his phone number. She wanted to get to know him so they could be comfortable with one another during their Creating Destiny filming. They began texting each other, and the rest is history.

The now-married couple are expecting their first child this spring.

2. F(x)'s Amber

The "Red Light" singer began crushing on her handsome drill instructor on the TV series Real Men.  Amber was so taken with him she began following him first on Instagram. Rumors began swirling online shortly after that she lost interest because he was younger than her. However, we will have to wait and see if a relationship eventually blossoms between them.  

3. Lee Hyo Ri

You know the "Bad Girl" singer met her hubby Lee Sang Soon while working on a song to support animal shelters. On SBS' Thank You TV program in 2013, the Roller Coaster band member admitted that his wife asked him out first. It all worked out in the end because they wed in September of the same year. 

4.Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In

She may have been friends with Goong actor Joo Ji Hoon for almost a decade, but it wasn't until she asked him to appear in her "Fxxk You" music video that sparks flew. They began dating in early 2014, and they are still going strong! 

5.  Wonder Girls' Sunye 

"The DJ Is Mine" singer revealed she asked her husband out first on SBS' TV program Strong Heart. Sunye said she contemplated it for a long time before approaching her now-hubby James Pak. The loving pair, who met on a Christian mission trip, wed in January of 2013.

Their precious daughter Hailey was born in October of the same year.

All of these fabulous girls are fierce. Which lady would you like to take dating lessons from?

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Image Source: JYP Entertainment