Lee Joo Seung is a familiar face in Kdramaland. The 26-year-old actor takes the leading role of Kang Yoo Chan in the addictive new short series 9 Seconds — Eternal Time. In the mini-drama, he and his picture perfect love Yoo So Ra (played by actress Na Hae Ryung) use a magical camera to freeze time. In honor of his recent production, I think it's time we paused a moment to remember just a few of the shows on DramaFever where we remember seeing Lee Joo Seung. 

1. The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

Lee played Ha Na's talented younger brother Oh Dae Bok. He initially lacked motivation, but his hidden passion to become a cartoonist was realized through his sister's love story.

2. Pinocchio

In this hit series, Lee was the class genius Ahn Chan Soo who competed against Dal Po on a TV quiz show. Chan Soo eventually becomes a respected detective. 

3.  Producer

You may remember the ghost who gave Seung Chan good advice when he needed it. Well, that was Lee Joo Seung playing the character Kim Joon Bae!

4. Blade Man

He took on the role of high school boy Joo Hong Joo in this melodrama. His character was the younger brother of the Blade Man himself. 

5. Golden Cross

The young star played the small supporting role of Oh Chang Hee in this action series. He was one of the many people in Kang Do Yoon's life. 

Which Lee Joo Seung role was your favorite? Check out his leading role in 9 Seconds — Eternal Time below!

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