On August 11, Voice 2 premieres on DramaFever. It's been over a year since the mystery thriller invaded viewers thoughts with its alarming story of chasing after a serial killer. The show's creator, Studio Dragon, is at it again with an all new season starring Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook, Son Eun Seo and Ahn Se Ha. This time around, the expert voice profiler teams up with a man who can read criminals' minds. Studio Dragon is obviously a genius company to create such a compelling series and get the green light for a second season. What other Korean dramas have they brought to life in recent years? Let's find out now.

1. http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5156" target="_blank">My Mister

Studio Dragon created this moving and realistic series, while Chorokbaem Media took over production. My Mister is about emotional healing that takes place in the lives of three brothers and a young woman. Their journey to wholeness helps those around them as well.


My Mister

Starring Lee Sun Gyun and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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2. http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5151" target="_blank">Cross

Logos Film produced the medical thriller, while Studio Dragon took over the creator role. Cross follows the story of a genius doctor set on getting revenge for his father's brutal murder that occurred 15 years ago.

3. http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5150" target="_blank">Call Me Mother

The Unicorn produced this mystery program, and Studio Dragon became the sole developer. Call Me Mother was a cheerleader for humanity as it followed the story of a kind teacher who rescued a defenseless child from her abusive home. The teacher did everything in her power to protect the child and become her new guardian.


Call Me Mother

Starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Jae Yoon

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4. Revolutionary Love

Plot Line was Studio Dragon's co-creator for this uplifting tale. Samhwa Networks produced the show about fighting for equal rights in the workplace. This was Choi Si Won's first Kdrama since his military discharge.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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5. Save Me

The famous company developed it, and Hidden Sequence produced the thriller. In Save Me, a young man is given two chances to save a girl from a religious cult. The second time around, he and his friends do everything in their power to help but put themselves in danger in the process.

6. Stranger (Secret Forest)

Studio Dragon created it, and Signal Entertainment Group and IOK Media produced the murder mystery. Stranger is about a detective and prosecutor with two very different personalities teaming up to catch a serial killer. The prosecutor must also find a way to end corruption within his own office.


Stranger (Secret Forest)

Starring Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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7. The Bride of the Water God

Production for this fantasy was done by Number Three Pictures, while Studio Dragon took the role of developer. Since it was based on a Korean comic book series by Yoon Mi Kyung, the characters were inspired by the original work with a modern-day twist. A deity and a human were still destined to fall in love.


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

Starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung

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8. Duel

The famous company created this thriller, while Chorokbaem Media produced it. The story follows a kind detective whose life becomes entwined with two identical men when his daughter is kidnapped. Their drastically different personaliltes makes the dangerous situation even more complcated. Duel stars Thirty But Seventeen actor Yang Se Jong.

9. Tunnel

Choi Jin Hee served as co-creator alongside the famous company to make this crime thriller, and The Unicorn produced the series. Tunnel is about a passionate detective from the 1980s accidentally time traveling to the present day. After chasing a criminal in a tunnel, he discovers a new world on the other side where the murderer is still at large.

10. Lovely Love Lie

The star company developed this musical based on a Japanese comic by Kotomi Aoki. Bon Factory Worldwide produced the drama about falling in love and making your dreams come true all at the same time.


Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and His Lover)

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Park Soo Young (Joy)

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11. Tomorrow With You

Celltrion Entertainment produced the romantic time traveling show, while Studio Dragon returned to the creator role. Tomorrow With You places a spotlight on a man with a supernatural ability to time travel on a commuter train. After foreseeing his death, he decides to marry a certain woman to change his fate.


Tomorrow With You

Starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon

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12. My Shy Boss

Choi Jin Hee served as co-creator with the company, while KBS Media and Introverted Boss SPC shared production duties. My Shy Boss deals with a terribly shy boss overcoming his fear and an outgoing employee who has to deal with a personal trauma of her own. Prior to meeting, their lives are connected by a heartbreaking event in the past.


My Shy Boss

Starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hye Soo

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13. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Studio Dragon's subsidiary company, Hwa & Dam Pictures, produced this, and the parent company the created series. The popular cable show was a supernatural love story among spiritual beings and humans. A goblin and grim reaper accidentally fall in love on their missions to end immortal life and cure amnesia.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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14. The K2

Studio Dragon created this action-packed series about an emotionally scarred bodyguard who gets hired by a corrupt politician's family and falls in love with their daughter. HB Entertainment produced the show. The demanding action scenes made star Ji Chang Wook rethink a future in the genre, and his next project was rom-com Love in Trouble.

15. Cinderella and Four Knights

Studio Dragon decided to develop this series loosely based on Boys Over Flowers, and HB Entertainment produced it. In the series, three rich cousins are smitten with a poor girl their grandfather has hired to train them. The fourth knight is the family's flower boy bodyguard.


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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16. Another Oh Hae Young

Studio Dragon shared production duties with Chorokbaem Media. Another Oh Hae Young is all about one man's fate with two women who happen to share the same name. One lady dumped him, while the other woman got dumped because of his actions.


Another Oh Hae Young

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Jun Hye Bin

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17. Squad 38

Studio Dragon shared production duties with SM C&C for this mystery drama. The series follows a special police force named Squad 38 as they catch the elite tax evaders in the country.

Don't miss Studio Dragon's newest creation Voice 2 this Saturday, August 11!


Voice 2 (OCN)

Starring Lee Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook

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