June is here, and we have exciting news for Asian movie fans — DramaFever will continue to release a feature movie for each weekend this month. From touching romance, hilarious romantic comedy, to action and adventure, there is something for everyone. Take a look and update your calendar!

1. Our Time Will Come - June 1

A school teacher's life is turned upside down as the Japanese invade Hong Kong. When the resistance calls her name, she doesn't hesitate to join the fight for freedom.

Starring international-famed actress Zhou Xun (Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Cloud Atlas), Eddie Peng (Sound of the Desert), and Wallace Huo (Love Me If You Dare), the movie was a commercial success and won awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress. and Best Original Music.


Our Time Will Come - 明月幾時有

Starring Zhou Xun and Eddie Peng

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2. Run for Love - June 8

The romance anthology film weaves together five different stories directed by five different directors. Each of the stories also takes place at a different location: Japan, Norway, US, Turkey, and Saipan.

The ensemble casts includes Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Eddie Peng (Sound of the Desert), Michelle Chen (The Romance of the Condor Heroes), Tong Liya (Nirvana in Fire 2), Zhou Dongyu (Us and Them), and more.


Run For Love - 奔愛

Starring Zhang Ziyi and Eddie Peng

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3. Be With You - June 15

So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin in a romantic movie. Need I say more?!

As she promised, a wife returns after a year to her husband and son, but there is a huge twist!

4. What a Man Wants - June 22

Two couples live next door to each other on the scenic Jeju island. They have their normal ups and downs in life, but a crisis occurs when another woman shows up.

The romantic comedy movie stars Song Ji Hyo (Running Man), Shin Ha Kyun (Mr. Baek), and Lee El (Goblin).

5. Little Forest - June 29

A young woman seeks to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and returns to her hometown in the country side. Will she become rejuvenated by reconnecting with nature?

The movie stars Kim Tae Ri (Mr. Sunshine) and Ryu Joon Yul (Answer Me 1988),

The following are movies that recently became available on DramaFever:

6. Namiya

Three delinquents connect with some extraordinarily distant pen pals when they find a magical letterbox that connects them to the past.

The warmhearted mystery movie stars international martial artist and superstar Jackie Chan in an unprecedented role. Lovely actress Dilraba Dilmurat (The Flame's Daughter) plays one of the delinquents. Read more about it HERE.


Namiya - 解忧杂货铺

Starring Jackie Chan and Dilraba Dilmurat

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7. The Ex-File 3

Finished with their girlfriends, two friends celebrate their newfound freedom. But much to their surprise, their exes are doing the same thing!

Also known as The Return of the Exes, the romantic comedy movie stars Han Geng (Sweet Sixteen), Kelly Yu, Xeng Meng Xue, and Ryan Zheng (Let’s Get Married).


The Ex-File 3 - 前任3:再见前任

Starring Ryan Zheng and Han Geng

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8. Till The End Of The World

Do opposites really attract? The fascinating romantic notion is put to an extreme test in the harshest corner on earth In the new movie, Till The End Of The World, starring Mark Chao and Yang Zishan, How do two people, who are vastly different in life, meet up in the Antarctica and fall in love? Will they survive each other first?


Till The End Of The World - 南极之恋

Starring Mark Chao and Yang Zishan

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Which movies are you most intersted in? (I've already watched Till The End of the World twice.)

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