July is here! DramaFever will continue to offer a feature selection for weekend Movie Nights as we get together in family reunions or outings with friends. This time, our new films focus on the joy and pain surrounded by laughter and tears in life's journey when we reunite with loved ones and welcome new family members. Take a look and update your calendar!

1. Stand By Me - July 6

When a grandfather realizes he doesn’t have much time left, he wants to give his beloved grandchildren a final parting gift. Check out the posters and trailer here for the tear-jerker starring veteran actor Lee Soon Jae.


Stand By Me

Starring Lee Soon Jae and Park Ji Yoon

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2: We Are Gamily - July 13

To fulfill his mother's wish for him to marry and have children, a son is forced to enter into a marriage with a female friend even though he has been in a steady relationship with a boyfriend. But the surprise doesn't stop there in this romance comedy from Taiwan, where marriage equality has made great strides.


We Are Gamily - 伪婚男女

Starring Tang Zhen Gang and Andrew Chau

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3. The Substitute - July 20

Lu has been raised like a boy by her mother. As captain of a school judo team, she seems to be tough and strong, but she hides her feelings for Nicole, an internet celebrity girl.

Both The Substitute and We Are Gamily are directed by acclaimed Taiwanese director Zero Chou, who released the two 2017 films under the theme of "Over the Rainbow."


The Substitute - 替身

Starring Lu Hao and Aviis Zhong

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Don't forget the most popular selections from last month. Now is the best time to catch up!

4. Be With You

A loving wife and mother passes away, promising to return to her loved ones. It’s a promise she mysteriously manages to keep, but it's among many things she does not remember.

5. What A Man Wants

Two couples live next door to each other on the scenic Jeju island. They have their normal ups and downs in life, but a crisis occurs when a sexy single shows up.


What a Man Wants

Starring Song Ji Hyo and Lee Sung Min

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6. Little Forest - June 29

A young woman who fails to make it in the big city returns to her rural hometown and finally learns the value of everything she left behind.

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