Like For Likes is a movie about being honest with yourself and the one you love. The only way any of the characters could have a chance at their "happily ever after" was if they tore down the invisible walls they built around their hearts. Then, they could let their significant others into their world. True love seems so foreign in the modern world. Does it still exist? Can social media really help us find it? Today, I decided to list eight moments from the movie that will make us all believe in true love again.

1. It's adorable to see guys still get nervous before a first date too. Soo Ho (Kang Ha Neul) had to fess up to his date, Joo Yeon (Esom), that he was too nervous to ask her out the first time. Little did she know, he was hiding another big secret too. Love gives everyone butterflies. 

2. Love means giving someone a foot massage after a long day at work. Joo Ran (Choi Ji Woo) and her roommate, Sung Chan (Kim Joo Hyuk), hadn't confessed their feelings for each other, but their strong bond was displayed in the little things like this.

3. Jin Woo (Yoo Ah In) proves that guys are dying to be fathers too! After he learned he may be Gyung A's Baby Daddy, he was anxious to be apart of Spring's life.

4. Sung Chan was happy as long as Joo Ran was. It broke his heart that she was dating another guy, but he did everything in his power to support their relationship soley for her happiness.

5. Joo Ran and Sung Chan had that precious K-drama moment we all want to happen in real life. The roommates tested the boundaries of their platonic living arrangements by asking why are they so platonic. Did I mention they almost kissed in the end? 

6. Love at first sight does exist! Young actor Jin Woo was instantly taken with director Gyung A (Lee Mi Yeon) during their first meeting.He even forgot the lines he memorized for his first screen test, because he was mesmerized by her. 

7. Just in case Gyung A didn't believe Jin Woo loved her, he tracked her down in the airport to explain to her that he wanted her and their baby. He wasn't just feeling obligated. Jin Woo deeply loved his new family.  

8. Na Yeon didn't desert Soo Ho after she found out about his disability. He may have avoided her for awhile because he was ashamed, but she waited for him until he was ready to open up. 

Which Like For Likes moment touched your heart?  

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Like For Likes

Starring Lee Mi Yeon and Choi Ji Woo

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