Prior to the recent tragedy that hit SHINee, I watched Choi Minho's short series Somehow 18. The emotional series was all about encouraging people to continue living no matter what challenges they face. Life is a precious gift, and Minho's on-screen character Oh Kyung Hee did everything in his power to save his first love's life. The time-traveling series was full of ups and downs, but let's reminisce about 5 moments that made us smile. 

1.That magical moment Kyung Hee went back in time.

You knew instantly things would change for the better, because the young surgeon was given a second chance to become a positive influence in his former classmates' lives. His time-traveling reminded us of past tales as he followed his first love through a magical door.

2. The bizarre reunion with his first love was quite memorable.

He was overcome with emotion when he finally saw his first love Han Na Bi (actress Lee Yoo Bi) after ten long years of separation. It's too bad his brief form of PDA was quickly rejected, because she was in a time where they were still strangers.

3. Kyung Hee finally got the courage to stand up to his vicious bullies.

Despite the danger looming, he stood his ground every time he encountered his high school bullies the second time around. Over the course of a few days, he even put fear into them!

4. Kyung Hee encouraged Na Bi's father to spend more time with his daughter.

He knew in the future her dad regretted ignoring his daughter when she needed him the most. Kyung Hee wanted to make certain they had proper daddy-daughter time, and hopefully thwart any idea she had about suicide. 

5. The main couple's first kiss.

Kyung Hee's biggest regret was that he never told Na Bi how much he liked her, before they were separated forever. After she gave him a kiss on the cheek for the sweet present she received from him, he gave her a proper smooch on the lips. 

What moment in the short series brought a smile to your face? 

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Image Credit: Top Star News