This year, supporting actors lit up the small screen with their distinctive flair. Our favorite shows would not be the same without their creativity and lively presence. Some of the best supporting actors are rookies, while others are veterans in the background. Nonetheless, everyone on this list deserves leading roles in future K-dramas. Let's take a look at some of these irreplaceable stars now.

1. Gong Myung

Besides a movie and TV special, we haven't seen the idol star lead a full series all on his own. The 23-year-old outdid himself in The Bride of the Water God and Revolutionary Love. The way he controlled his emotions and brought each character to life was stellar! The 5urprise member, who debuted in 2013, should have no problem landing more amazing roles in the near future. 

2. Park Bo Mi

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the comedian and actress made a great first impression on viewers as Bong Soon's bestie. Her character's range of emotion was incredible! We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for this 28-year-old talent. 

3. Bae Noo Ri

The 24-year-old actress started out in the entertainment industry 9 years ago, and 2017 re-introduced her to us as the spoiled rich girl in The Bride of the Water God. Her performance stood out so much, we are anxious to see her lead a full-length TV series on her own. 

4. Kim Jae Wook

The reliable 34-year-old model-turned-actor has been a staple in dramaland for 15 years! This year proved to be no different as he greeted audiences with powerful roles in Voice and" target="_blank">Temperature of Love. We would love to see him win the leading lady's heart a few times. 

5. Kim Ye Won

This year, she was the shining star in the background for three K-dramas. Tomorrow With YouLove In Trouble and Revolutionary Love all featured her as an important character that helped the story flow. However, I think the 30-year-old actress has earned a starring role during her nine-year career. Thankfully, viewers were able to get a glimpse of her in a leading lady role in the TvN December special Assistant Manager Park's Private Life, but we need so much more!

6. Lee Yi Kyung

Six years after his debut, Lee scored another supporting role in the heartwarming and hilarious Go Back Couple.  The 28-year-old has the looks and is poised to be leading man material. He's worked hard on a variety of fan favorites over the years like Descendants of the Sun, My Love From Another Star and School 2013. The world is ready to embrace him as the lead.

7. Yook Sung Jae

The 22-year-old idol showed off his acting skills once again as the chaebol heir in Goblin. We had a glimpse of the BtoB member's starring role potential in the KBS2 series School 2015, and we have been anxious for him to get a leading man role since. 

8. Kim Jae Young

The upbeat My Secret Romance and thriller Black were graced with this talented 29-year-old actor's presence. Since his acting career started only a few years ago, he can still be considered a rookie with so much potential. 

9. Yoon So Hee

Ruler: Master of the Mask would not have been the same without her unique and daring character Hwa Goon. The 24-year-old multi-tasked this year with roles in Ruler, Queen of Ring, Meloholic and a cameo in Because It's My First Life. She has been acting for only four years, and the young actress in already unstoppable! Fans were able to get a sneak peek of her leading lady potential when she played in web series like Bong Soon - a Cyborg in Love, Iron Lady and The Day After We Broke Up

Which star do you feel is ready for their time in the spotlight?


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