Romantic dramas from Taiwan attracted international fans even before the Korean Wave. Aside from the famous Meteor Garden, which was made before the Korean Boys Over Flowers was adapted from the same manga story, there are many Taiwanese dramas that have captured viewers' hearts and helped generate an interest in Asian dramas worldwide. Here is a list of binge-worthy T-dramas on DramaFever.

1. Autumn's Concerto

The romantic drama tracing a couple's college romance, surprise separation, and eventual reunion gives us a memorable experience in true love's journey to happiness. 

Stars Vanness Wu (Meteor Garden) and Ady An have primarily been filming dramas in mainland China in recent years, but their unforgettable romance in Autumn's Concerto remains a must-watch classic. You'll also meet Chris Wu as a very likable second male lead.

2. It Started With A Kiss (and the sequel They Kiss Again)

A high-school girl is not considered smart based on her academic grades. She nevertheless falls for a genius classmate. It so happens that she and her father move into her crush's home after an earthquake. The romantic comedy of opposites attract is still popular today. 

Young stars Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng rose to fame with the extremely popular adaptation from the famous Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss


It Started with a Kiss

Starring Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng

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3. Fated to Love You

Finding true love after a night of mistaken identity made this drama a romantic classic. Fans also became fated to love the starring couple: Ethan Ruan and Joe (Qiao En) Chen. The drama became so popular that it was remade into a Korean version by the same title.


Fated to Love You

Starring Ethan Ruan and Joe (Qiao En) Chen

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4. Just You

When a young woman discovers that her evil landlord is now her new and insufferable boss, it becomes a full-on war, both on and off the clock, as she is determined to change his ways.

This delightful rom-com drama can't get any cuter with its two cutest stars, Aaron Yan and Puff Guo, who are both popular singers-turned-actors.


Just You

Starring Guo Xue Fu (Puff) and Aaron Yan

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5. Office Girls

The hit Taiwanese drama follows Xing Ren, a young woman completely happy with her life as an 'office lady.' But when the spoiled heir to the company is put under her supervision, romantic hijinks and rivalries ensue!

You'll meet and love Roy Chiu and Alice Ke, whose romantic pairing was so successful that they were reunited in Marry Me or Not?.

6. Bromance

A young woman has lived all her life pretending to be a man because her parents believed in a fortune teller's advice. When she finds herself irresistibly attracted to a man who she has befriended, what happens when it appears that her attraction is being reciprocated? 

The hilarious gender bender with incredible chemistry between the leads, Megan Lai and Baron Chen, made it to the top of our Top 10 most popular dramas. When it was on air, fans couldn't wait for the next episodes. Now, you can easily enjoy it in a perfect binge.

7. The Perfect Match

After giving us second lead syndrome in Autumn's Concerto and Substitute PrincessChris Wu returns to DramaFever in The Perfect Match, where food and romance spark romance between two competing chefs. The drama series became a top hit in Taiwan. Now it's available for a great foodie romance binge!


The Perfect Match - 極品絕配

Starring Ivy Shao and Chris Wu

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Which of these dramas have you seen? Which other ones would you recommend for beginning T-drama fans?

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