Fall in love this month with Summer Scent! The third installment in the famous Four Seasons romance series starred heartthrob Song Seung Hun and the lovely Son Ye Jin. In 2003, audiences around the world met destined lovers Min Woo and Hye Won, whose lives intertwined because of Min Woo's deceased fiancee's heart. Because of a heart transplant, their hearts are forever connected!

While I wait for the next addictive episodes of School 2015 and Producer, I want to watch the classic that stole my heart years ago. I have listed seven scenes that took my breath away the first time I watched the series in 2006. 

Take a look at my list and just try to ignore the beating of your own heart.

1. Hye Won's heart responds to Min Woo for the very first time. Just looking at his back makes her heart race! 

2. Hye Won began humming Schubert's "Serenade." She reminded him so much of his deceased fiancee, Eun Hye, that he couldn't help but feel a connection with her. It seems like he was searching for a glimpse of Eun Hye in Hye Won. His heart was still broken after losing his first love.

3.Min Woo tears up over the sweet memories of his first love. He isn't a player but a heartbroken man whose heart still belongs to his first love years after she is gone. The music in this scene is breathtaking too. 

4. Hye Won tried to blow trash out of Min Woo's eye in this garden scene. It took the audience's breath away because the pair was so close to one another early on in the series. Plus, Jung Ah, who had a big crush on Min Woo, was jealous when she saw them like this in the wee hours of the morning. She saw them from another angle and thought they were kissing.

5. Min Woo saved Hye Won's life! A car almost hit her, and he had to pull her into an embrace to protect her,

6. Min Woo talks to his "wedding bear" that represented his deceased lover when he misses her. It sounds creepy, but the the pair apparently had bears dressed like the bride and groom for their wedding that never took place. His conversation with teddy bear Eun Hye is heartwarming yet heartwrenching all at the same time.

7. After Hye Won's ex-fiance, Jung Jae, attempts to assault her and fails, she runs outside and straight into the arms of the man she truly loves. Min Woo is so torn that someone tried to hurt his lady that he promises never to let her go again.

Discover more breathtaking scenes from one of my favorite K-dramas by watching Summer Scent on Dramafever.

Which scene touched your heart the most?

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