Meet Me @1006 had a sensual and mysterious premiere this week. Characters Ke Zhen Yu and Cheng Jia Le's realms magically merged as they crossed each other's paths at the most surprising and embarrassing times, like in bed and the in the bathtub. Once they get over the initial shock of their encounters, I'm sure they'll realize there is a specific reason as to why they were destined to meet this way. There are already so many burning questions the audience must have after watching the premiere. Here are five questions one could have:

1. Who was the original owner of the paper Pegasus?

It dropped out of a mysterious stretcher-ridden person's hand in front of the court building. We didn't see the person's face, but there is a good chance it was Cheng Ji Le. Pegasus seemed to lead him to rent the otherworldly apartment.

2. What does Pegasus have to do with Zhen Yu and Jia Le's apartments merging?

If it belonged to Jia Le, it could be the direct link to her. However, it could end up being a charm that would help anyone time travel. The owner of the paper Pegasus may be given a supernatural gift.

3. Why do they time travel at exactly 10:06pm everyday?

We wonder if that is the time some sort of tragedy happened. Something crucial had to have happened within the ten o' clock hour, because they magically disappear out of each other's realms a few minutes before eleven.

4. Did Cheng Jia Le pass away?

At this point, we can't help but speculate that Jia Le is either in a coma or passed away recently. She seems to be stuck in the past, her landlord doesn't want to acknowledge that she existed and her social media hasn't been updated in over a month. The social media part doesn't seem that significant but staying connected should be important to her if she's a reporter.

5. Is the landlord a criminal?

It appears the landlord is hiding something. He definitely knows about Jia Le's current whereabouts, because he acted too reluctant when Zhen Yu inquired after her. He could have just told Zhen Yu that there was a former tenant who lived there that resembled the woman he described. What is the big secret?

It's pretty clear that Zhen Yu's supernatural meetings with Jia Le will give him a second chance at practicing law. What questions do you hope will be answered as Meet Me @ 1006 progresses?


Meet Me @1006 - 1006的房客

Starring Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh

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