Last week, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin's fictional romance in I'm Not A Robot came to an end. Surprisingly, the writers gave us closure on many of the characters' lives, and it let viewers walk away in sheer happiness and excited about the next TV series coming their way.

Of course, we will always have a few lingering questions at the end of every K-drama. It's a drama fan's duty! Here are some of those burning questions we still have about I'm Not A Robot.

1. How was Kim Min Kyu (actor Yoo Seung Ho) able to completely recover from his human allergy?

Min Kyu's trust issues triggered the deadly allergy when he was a child, and Jo Ji Ah (actress Chae Soo Bin) helped him start the healing process by becoming Aji 3. However, it isn't quite clear how he overcame it completely. One minute the doctor tells him the medicine is losing its effect on him, and the next he is taking chances with everything. He couldn't possibly start trusting the whole world that fast!

2. How did Ji Ah's business skyrocket, while her bestie's cafe remained stagnant?

The two girls agreed to have a "shop in shop" inside her bestie's cafe, and viewers had to be a little upset they were never given the opportunity to see them enjoy their shared space. In the future, Ji Ah's inventions caught the eye of international businessman, but the cafe didn't change. Why couldn't she expand her business like her friend?

3. What does the future hold for Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah?

Most rom-coms have that classic wedding scene, or even the arrival of the couples' sweet babies. We know the pair is happy together, but we need a little more information before we're able to completely move on. Her friend could have even used her tarot card skills for the viewers.

4. Who is humanoid robot Ji?

Santa Maria's second creation is supposed to be named after Daeyang Joseon's late President. They announced that the new robot's name is Ji, but we want to know what he looks like and how he compares to Aji 3.

5. Who is Doctor Oh?

Doctor Oh was one of Min Kyu's closest confidantes throughout the entire series. Even though he was his right hand man, we didn't know anything about his personal life. We would have loved to learn more about his backstory and what type of family he went home to at night.

Those are some of the questions I wish the writers could have answered while the series aired. What question would you add to this list?


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