Famous couples are born in a variety of ways. They might meet on a blind date, at work, even through social media. The latter is the way fandoms often create the perfect couple: if your two favorite stars take a selfie together, they must be dating, right? Well, it's just not true most of the time. Still, celebrities that have taken photos together sparked our dating dreams right away.

Let's revisit 10 celebrity Instagram photos that were love at first sight...for us.

1. Song Hye Gyo 

Her post-Descendants of the Sun photos with co-star Song Joong Ki either hinted at the best friendship ever or romance. We are so glad it's the latter! Her Instagram photos with Joong Ki was the greatest gift she could have given fans after their incredible on-screen chemistry. (Did I mention they are getting married on Halloween?)

2. Kim Ji Soo

Last year, the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actors were setting some serious bromance goals with their social media posts. Ji Soo and Nam Joo Jyuk have confirmed to the world that they are just besties. We will always have mad love for these guys especially with photos like this one Ji Soo uploaded. 

3. Lee Sung Kyung 

Before her public relationship with Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee was paired with her Doctor Crush co-star Yoon Kyoon Sang. Her character had a crush on him in the series, so viewers thought her Instagram posts were a hint of them dating in real life. That was far from the truth! They were just friendly co-workers who happened to look great together.

4. SHINee's Key

The Lookout actor posed for a series of cute selfies with his drama co-star Kim Seul Gi. Their chemistry was so amazing on-screen his fans are begging them to date in real life. So far, they haven't confirmed any relationship news.

5. Kim So Hyun

Kim may have posted stills from her latest drama Ruler: Master of the Mask, but we can't help shipping the young actress with her co-star Yoo Seung Ho. Their chemistry was electric on-screen, and they gushed about each other off-screen as well. We are hoping they make it official in real life. They are so cute!

6. F(x)'s Amber

Everyone knows Amber and Henry Lau are best friends from way back. Despite their long term friendship, K-Pop fandoms love shipping them whenever they get the chance. The girl group member and Oh My Venus star are adorable together in selfies like this one! You can't stop fans from dreaming, right?

7. Lee Jong Suk

Fans prayed that Lee would become a couple with co-star Han Hyo Joo during their W K-drama last year. The two stars seemed so in love on-screen! They were even full of praise for each other during interviews promoting the series. The Pinocchio actor's back hug photo with Han became a hot trending topic last summer. Have they dated in real life? No one knows but the stars themselves.

8. Kevin Woo

The former U-KISS member and his After School Club co-host Park Jimin have the best on-screen chemistry! They assure the public that they are just friends, but the flirting that happens on-screen is undeniable. We will never stop shipping them especially with his random snapshots on social media.

9. Park Shin Hye

The Doctor Crush actress has been swept up in dating rumors with her platonic guy friends for years. I guess that is the price for being famous at such a young age (Like so many, she started as a child star). Her You're Beautiful co-star Lee Hong Ki has always been at the top of the rumor mill, but they remain close and even collaborate on special projects like radio and music videos. Park Shin Hye enjoys spending time with her friends, taking selfies and we love daydreaming about a fairy-tale romance for her. 

10. Ji Chang Wook

Fans adore his co-stars, and they can't help shipping them with Ji from time to time. Yoon Ah was no different! When he played alongside the Girls Generation member last year in The K2, fans speculated there may be something going on behind-the-scenes as well. His photos on social media just added fuel to the flames. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on news about his personal life. It will prove to be long wait since he enlisted in the military this month. 

Which couples do you root for the most? 

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Instagram Image Credits: Song Hye KyoKim Ji Soo, Lee Sung KyungKeyKim So HyunAmber Liu, Lee Jong SukKevin WooPark Shin Hye and Ji Chang Wook.