Celebrities are getting married on a regular basis now, and some can't wait to start their new family! They are blissfully happy and return to work with smiles on their faces because of the utter joy they feel at home with their newborn babies. K-drama fans love their stars. We would love to share in their happiness. In light of that, I have put together a short list of a few of the newborn babies we would love to see on-screen this year so that we can get a glimpse of their precious little ones too.

1. Ro Hee

Ki Tae Young and Eugene's baby girl is so adorable we all want to see if she inherited mommy and daddy's fabulous acting skills. I wonder if she will be able to sing just like Eugene when she grows up? They shared a photo of their bundle of joy on KBS' Entertainment Weekly program in April.

2. Bo Bae

The nickname for Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young's newborn daughter is the only name revealed by the proud mom and dad. While we wait for her official name and precious first photos, I know fans are excited to see their little one appear on the small screen for the first time this year. A variety series or a brief glimpse in a K-drama would be more than enough.

3. and 4. So Yoo Jin's baby boy and second child due in September.

The actress and her CEO hubby Baek Jong Won have a one-year-old son and a little sibling on the way that K-drama fans are just dying to see!  She worked on Pretty Man last year while being pregnant. I know fans would love to see his handsome face now that he is born. I wonder if he will have another cute brother or an adorable little sister arrive this fall? 

5. Joon Hoo

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung's baby boy was born in April, and we are highly anticipating Joon Hoo's debut! The couple went through some hard times over the past year, but their precious child is probably erasing some of the pain and bringing them so much joy. Fans want to see all three of them on-screen together as one happy family. 

Which newborn are you looking forward to seeing the most this year? 

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