Are you ready to see Kim Go Eun transform into priestess Ji Eun Tak for Goblin

On December 2, your girl returns to the small screen in another leading role. Even though she debuted just 4 years ago, everyone knows her acting is out of this world! I was hooked on Cheese in the Trap earlier this year for a number of reasons, but I have listed 7 moments in the program Kim proved she was truly worthy of her leading lady role. 

1. Her drunk scenes were hilarious! Hong Seol opened up the series with her adorable yet sloppy drunk scene where she promises to get out of Yoo Jung's (Park Hae Jin) life.

2. When Yoo Jung started pursuing her, she cringed just being near him. Of course, her playing hard to get was completely justified, because the audience thought he was creepy too. Stellar performance! 

3. After she finally agreed to go out with him, she slowing began to let her guard down. Hong Seol didn't need a best friend with her numerous internal pep talks.  

4. Her friendship bond was strong! Hong Seol knew how to have fun with friends and keep the peace when things got out of hand. She was the levelheaded one in the trio. When Bora (Park Min Ji) started hitting Eun Taek (Nam Joo Hyuk) to demonstrate how she would reprimand Yoo Jung for her friend, Hong Seol had to step in to keep the peace. 

5. She excels at playing a genius. When Hong Seol's classmates left her to do all the work for the class project, she stressed big time! Her form of stressing lead her to do the whole project by herself.

6. Her love scenes are cute. There wasn't a full-blown love scene in Cheese in the Trap, but she made us all believe she was a shy, inexperienced girl when it came to love. Her first kiss with Yoo Jung was sweet. 

7. In order to get a case against her terrifying stalker, Hong Seol became a rebel and put up a brave front so her friends could record him lashing out at her. What a trooper! 

Which scene from Cheese in the Trap made you an instant Kim Go Eun fangirl/fanboy? Are you counting down the days until her Goblin premiere? 


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