Happiness is what child stars bring to each and every production. No matter what genre TV show you watch, the youthful innocence of a child actor takes us all back to the good old days. Even though the actors on this list recently starred in crime shows, the only crime they've been found guilty of is being too adorable.

Reminisce about your childhood, and watch these young talents in their latest TV shows. 

1. Shin Yi Joon

This 15-year-old beauty played the teen version of Kang Hae Seung in the TVN series Signal. Shin is still a rookie in the industry, but she managed to secure parts in The Queen's Classroom and The Huntresses.

2. Go Woo Rim

He played the child version of Jang Do Han in MBC's Lookout. The birthday boy, who turns 10 on Friday (Sept. 15), has quite an impressive resume for someone so young. Our cutie has already scored a role in close to 20 productions. You may remember seeing him in Phantom Detective, School 2015 and Sweet Stranger and Me.

3. Ham Na Young

This doll seems to just be starting out in the industry, but she is already breaking hearts with her portrayal of Yoo Na in Lookout. 

4. Park Min Soo 

The young actor recently played little Hyun Woo in the SBS' series Wanted. This adorable 10-year-old has been wowing audiences with his on-screen performances for the past three years. He also had supporting roles in My Love Eun DongCinderella and Four Knights and Oh My Geum Bi. 

5. Lee Chae Mi 

She is another cutie pie with almost 20 productions under her belt. She had everyone bawling when she played the star's ailing daughter in Two Weeks. The 11-year-old has played in 11 more productions since Two Weeks wrapped! Golden RainbowThe Night Watchman's Journal and Monster are some of the most notable productions she has been apart of.

6. Choi Seung Hun

At 9 years-old, adorable little Choi is quickly learning the ropes of becoming a professional actor. He joined the cast of Voice to play the tough role of an abused child. He has several productions filling up his resume including impressive TV dramas like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and The K2

7. Gil Jung Woo

He turned 10 years-old this year and obviously celebrated by playing in Bae Doo Na's comeback K-drama. In Stranger (Secret Forest), Gil was the child version of main character Hwang Shi Mok. This handsome little fellow is another rookie with just a few projects under his belt. You can catch him in small roles in Doctor Crush and Producer

Which child's crime series role impressed you the most? 

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Image Credits: Naver Blog and Trudy Agency