Historical favorites like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Lost Love in Times and Scarlet Heart always have just the right amount of romance to keep viewers happy, but many modern Cdramas can be just as gratifying. If you're having trouble deciding on your next Cdrama to marathon, let the hopeless romantic spirit in you lead to some of the must-see shows on this list.

1. Sweet Dreams

Supernaturally entering into her crush's dreams is the ideal way for an introverted girl to be with him. When a set of magical bracelets allows her to do just that, she takes full advantage of the situation hoping to change reality as well. Sweet Dreams stars Dilmurat Dilraba and Deng Lun.


Sweet Dreams - 一千零一夜

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun

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2. Love O2O

Gamers find true love! It was love at first sight when the most popular guy on campus sees a beautiful nerd, who just happens to share his love of online gaming. The two college students meet, team up online and eventually turn their virtual relationship into reality. Love O2O stars Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang.


Love O2O - 微微一笑很倾城

Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

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3. http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5190" target="_blank">Moonshine and Valentine

Breaking an ancient curse over a lonely woman's life proves to be difficult even for a god! After watching over the woman's soul for thousands of years, an introverted Jade Master tries to help her believe in love again. Moonshine and Valentine stars Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu.


Moonshine and Valentine - 结爱·千岁大人的初恋

Starring Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu

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4. http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5117/" target="_blank">With You

Romance between two teens was always interrupted by people from their past and present. Despite the disruptions, the pair remained close during their high school years, and their lifelong love was finally requited when they grew up. With You stars Liu Hao Ran and Tan Song Yun.


With You - 最好的我们

Starring Liu Hao Ran and Tan Song Yun

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5. Stay With Me

Seven years of memories are erased when a 30 year-old woman almost drowns. She forgets the solid relationship with her current fiance, and returns to her bitter ex-boyfriend. Her unexpected actions confuse everyone around her. Stay With Me stars Joe Chen and Wang Kai.


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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6. Singles Villa

Dating is forbidden in one apartment complex filled with singles. A pair of residents are fine with the strict rule until they fall for each another. To make matters worse, one of their exes returns to complicate their lives even more. Singles Villa stars Joe Cheng and Xu Lu.

7. My Amazing Boyfriend

Following a slumber that lasted for hundreds of years, an alien is awakened by a woman. The pair start living together and grow fond of each other over time. My Amazing Boyfriend stars Kim Tae Hwan and Wu Qian.


My Amazing Boyfriend - 我的奇妙男友

Starring Kim Tae Hwan and Wu Qian

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Which romantic Chinese drama will you be watching first?

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