A frenzy over celebrity divorces are nothing new, but a very public and scandalous recent separation between a famous actor and his actress wife in China is literally breaking the internet.

Wang Baoqiang and his wife Ma Rong are getting divorced, and that in itself would even be considered a big deal, but when the actor let it be known to the public that the reason he was leaving his wife was because she was having an affair with his agent, Song Zhe, Chinese netizens literally went crazy. Since Wang's statement last Sunday, an astounding 5 billion views of the hashtag #WangBaoQiangDivorce have been recorded, mostly on the Chinese microblog site Sina Weibo. Having been married for seven years, the celebrity couple have a little son and daughter, but Ma Rong's infidelity, with his trusted agent no less, has got Wang literally declaring war on his now-ex wife and ex-agent. As for the accused, the actress has blamed Wang for abandoning his family, and is threatening to file defamation suits against him for his claims. His agent, Song Zhe, apologized on Weibo, but his posts have since been deleted. Fans are divided, with many supporting Wan, but others empathizing with Ma Rong.

Like many celebrities, after making very public claims about very personal issues, Wang is now asking for some privacy in this very difficult time. He probably would have gotten it if he never went on a public rant in the first place. This divorce drama is probably going to continue for a little while longer.

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