Kim Kang Woo plans to celebrate the end of his series with a new contract!

The Circle: Two Worlds Connected star will be making another big decision in his life very soon. The 38-year-old actor's contract with his current agency, C-JeS Entertainment, is coming to an end, and that means he's discussing a future with new companies. News of him joining his fellow A-list stars Kim Ah Joong and Ko So Young at King Entertainment became a hot topic online recently. A source from King Entertainment had this to say about the reports, “We are in discussion of the possibility of an exclusive contract with Kim Kang Woo. The arrangement has not been finalized, so there’s still room for change.”

If Kim Kang Woo makes the big move, this will be the third agency he has joined in the past few years. He parted ways with Namoo Actors in 2014, transitioned to C-JeS Entertainment and may find a new home at King Entertainment this year. King Entertainment is also the home of well-known names like Seo Ye Ji and Lee So Yeon.

Tomorrow, Circle: Two Worlds Connected concludes its thrilling journey through time. What did you think of his portrayal of character Kim Joon Hyuk? Do you want his new agency to continue to cast him in sci-fi productions like Circle?


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