It's a fact that K-dramas are addictive, and every K-drama addict has those special dramas that first lured them into dramaland. Whether it was the storyline, actors, scenery or the handsome leading man, here are the very first K-dramas I watched that really got me hooked on the genre.

1. My Lovely Family

Before Namgoong Min unofficially became South Korea's sexiest man alive, he was just a handsome rookie actor paired with actress Hong Soo Hyun in this 2004 KBS daily drama. In the show, Hong's character has to take care of her difficult in-laws and her mother-in-law's mentally challenged son. The obstacles are endless as she tries to have a happy marriage with her new hubby. Stars Kim Bin Woo and Shim Ji Ho played the second couple who faced infertility issues in their marriage. It was thrilling to watch the characters overcome the obstacles in their way and triumph.

2. Phoenix

I actually started this series late into its production. However, Eric Moon and Lee Seo Jin's riveting performances, along with the late Lee Eun Joo's heartbreaking portrayal drew me in after one episode. I remember Seo Jin's character finally attaining a wealthy lifestyle when he meets his ex-wife again. The characters in the series are so complex, but their lives are all intertwined by love, obsession and death. You have to see Phoenix to believe it.

3. Winter Sonata

This was my very first Choi Ji Woo series. Of course, I went back to see the hilarious Mr. Duke, but Winter Sonata was when I unofficially started shipping her with Bae Yong Jun. Their chemistry was undeniable! Playing first loves who overcome tragedy after tragedy on screen must have spilled into their real lives. Dating rumors haunted them for awhile before their relationship news with other people finally silenced it for good. Everyone's acting was top-notch! I was entranced every episode by the acting, soundtrack and magical winter scenery.


Winter Sonata

Starring Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo

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4. Attic Cat

The late Jung Da Bin gave a stellar performance as the naive and lovable Nam Jung Eun. Her on-screen chemistry with Kim Rae Won (Lee Kyung Man) was simply award-winning. The love square was special because each actor brought something different to the table that made their characters come to life. This romantic comedy is so delightful!

5. Summer Scent

I have to be completely honest: the handsome Song Seung Hun was the only reason I started watching this four season series. He looks so much like a guy I had a crush on my first semester of college, it's scary! However, the breathtaking scenery and catchy soundtrack held my interest until the very end. It's impossible not to be attached to a story about truly following your heart. Song Seung Hun and Son Ye Jin's on-screen chemistry was spectacular.


Summer Scent

Starring Song Seung Hun and Son Ye Jin

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Which classic shows piqued your interest in K-dramas? 

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Image sources: Daum Movie and Namu Wiki