Cold-blooded murder, abduction and illegal torture are some of the main reasons the Lookout team formed. Their loved ones were the victims of these cold cases, and they risk their lives to chase down the criminals. Together, they teach every criminal in town the true meaning of vengeance. 

What are these cases about? Let's take a look at 5 of those heinous cold cases now:

1. Triple homicide of the Seo family.

Following a shocking home invasion, a teenage girl witnesses the brutal murder of her entire family. Flash-forward years later, Seo Bo Mi is a recluse and terrified that her family's murderer will come back for her one day because the murderers were set free. 

2. A chief prosecutor's son murders a detective's daughter, and no charges are filed against him. 

After her daughter tragically falls off the roof of a building in broad daylight, detective Jo Soo Ji is determined to make the chief prosecutor and his son pay. A surveillance camera captured them entering the building, but police let the assailant go. 

3. Following a prosecutor's horrifying threat, a housewife ends up on the missing persons list.

Because she falsely testified during a murder trial, Gong Kyung Soo belated found out that his mom put an innocent man behind bars. Unfortunately, she ended up on the missing persons list when she planned to uncover the truth in a retrial. 

4. Law enforcement tortures a hard-working father, falsely imprisons him and drives him to murder.

Prosecutor Jang Do Han witnessed the horrific aftermath of his father's PTSD, which drove him to kill his common-law stepmom in cold blood. His dad's mental state is forever fragile because of the torture he endured at the hands of law enforcement. Jang's mission to find justice for his family is relentless. 

5. The fatal stabbing of a supermarket owner puts the wrong man in prison, while the real culprit is set free.

After stabbing the store owner 20 times and fleeing the scene, Kim Woo Sung continues to live his life and even gets married. Several years later, Kim abuses his family and remains a mentally unstable man.

Do you want to see our Lookout vigilantes finally solve these horrific cold cases? Start marathoning the Lookout series today to watch justice prevail. 

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