When Conan O'Brien stepped out of customs and immigration at Incheon Airport yesterday, he literally was taken aback. What was waiting for him were over 1000 freaked out fans and media, who welcomed the talk show host to their country as if he was a member of the Beatles. 

All it took was one letter from a Korean fan, a young woman named Sunny Li, who wrote Conan and explained that she had been procrastinating lately watching his clips on YouTube instead of studying for her college entrance exams. She even sent her favorite talk show host a box full of Korean snacks, which prompted Conan to make the trip to thank her personally. "Here is my motto, and I want this to get out all around the world: If you send me free snacks from your country, I will travel there, in person to thank you. That’s what I do.” Sunny was at the airport to meet him, where the two talked and Conan thanked her for the yummy gift package, true to his word.

The thunderous welcome he got at the airport was definitely not expected, especially since the show doesn't even air on Korean television. After he was mobbed by adoring women and fans at the airport, a gleeful Conan quickly tweeted, "I have arrived in South Korea. I will never leave." It seems that Conan has been making the most of his trip, going to a fish market where he bought an octopus, and of course, enjoying some barbecue. He is set to tape a special episode of his show in Seoul, which will air as a special upon his return to the States.

Yes. As you can see, Conan is big in South Korea. He's a superstar!

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