There is no denying that Go Ah Ra has had a good looking group of leading men wooing her, over the course of her 15-year career. The Miss Hammurabi star has fallen in love with many of our K-drama crushes on-screen, and we gave her our blessing each and every time. From Song Seung Hun to Yoo Seung Ho, we can't get enough of the lively on-screen chemistry each pretend relationship brought to our K-dramas. Let's take a took at 7 couple photos of Go Ah Ra and her handsome co-stars we adore.

1. Song Seung Hun - Black (2017)

Song played a possessed detective, and Go was an average woman who can foresee death. The two formed a bond due to their supernatural powers. They were soulmates in life and beyond.

2. Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik - Hwarang (2016)

Go Ah Ra was apart of a heart-wrenching love triangle in the Silla Kingdom. She played a physician who was torn between a warrior (Park Seo Joon) and an undercover king (Park Hyung Sik).

3. Lee Je Hoon - Phantom Detective

These two were business partners when they ran an illegal detective agency together. They took matters into their own hands solving crimes in this modern version of the folk hero Hong Gil Dong's tale.

4. Jung Woo - Answer Me 1994

He was one of the guys in the classic circle vying for the leading lady's heart. Of course, he had a big advantage by growing up with her and being best friends with her older brother back in the day.

5. Yoo Seung Ho - The Magician (2015)

Yoo was the famous magician who fell in love with a Joseon Era princess (Go Ah Ra). Their love hits a roadblock because of her engagement to a Chinese prince.

6. Lee Seung Gi - You Are All Surrounded (2014)

Their characters met in middle school, but lost contact shortly after. They reconnected at the police academy and sparks began to fly.

7. Yunho - Heading to the Ground (2009)

The TVXQ member played the soccer player with a heart of gold, who couldn't help falling in love with his lovely sports agent.

Don't miss her on-screen chemistry with Infinite's L in Miss Hammurabi as well. Her new show premieres on May 21! Which one of Go Ah Ra's leading men was your favorite?


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