This Saturday, South Korea's young, wild, and carefree acting trio will start making hilarious mistakes for the whole world to see in the raunchy romantic comedy film Twenty. Stars Kim Woo BinKang Ha Neul, and Lee Jun Ho are all channeling back to twenty years old to show you the kind of hilarious mishaps guys that age can encounter. To keep the comedic spirit alive, I have decided to list seven crazy reasons you should check out the film this weekend. We all know you are going to watch, but here are some funny reasons you should not miss the June 20 premiere on DramaFever.

1. You will feel connected to Brad Pitt.

If you watch Kim Woo Bin's latest film, you will somehow be connected to Brad Pitt because you are watching his fan! In his hangout with DramaFever fans, he said he would love to work with Brad Pitt someday, so Kim is one degree of separation between you and Pitt.

2. You'll have warm memories of the 2011 movie You're My Pet.

Kang Ha Neul was a supporting actor in the hilarious romantic comedy starring Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk. Who didn't love that quirky film? If Kang will remind you of You're My Pet, how can you not watch Twenty?

3. 2PM's new music video "My House" is hot!

Lee Jun Ho's boy band 2PM released a sexy fairytale-inspired music video over the weekend. One of the main stars releasing a music video like that is more that enough of a reason to see his new film.

4. Twenty star Jung So Min has flower boy connections.

Jung played the eccentric love interest of Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss 2010. He was the ultimate flower boy in the 2009 K-drama Boys Over Flowers. You'll be able to reminisce about F4 during her scenes.

5. Twenty will make all dads feel young again!

Who doesn't love being in their twenties? Dear old Dad will feel like a young bachelor all over again by watching this movie over the Father's Day weekend. Watch out! Dad may even race you to the computer.

6. Kang Ha Neul's character Kyung Jae can give shy guys a lesson in being cool.

When in doubt, get drunk! Super shy Kyung Jae can't quite relax around ladies when he is sober, but a large amount of liquor is all he needs to transform. 

7. Chi Ho is more romantic than Heirs' Choi Young Do.

Chi Do may be an unemployed player, but at least he won't physically beat you like Young Do. Slick characters always beats scary ones!

What crazy reasons would you add to this list?

Don't forget to watch twenty on June 20, exclusively on DramaFever! Check out the trailer below:

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Twenty is intended for mature audiences, and it contains raunchy humor, adult situations, and profanity.

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