Young actress Kim Sae Ron has put a spell on K-Drama fans as sorceress Seo Ri in the new historical series Mirror of the Witch. Of course viewers knew the 15 year-old star was adorable even before Yoon Si Yoon's character Heo Jun starting liking her on-screen since she has been entertaining everyone with her cuteness ever since she was eight years-old! Now that she is older, I think it's time we take a look at delightful teenage photos of our darling Kim Sae Ron.

1. Photos with plush dolls earn the cute title!  Her stills from High School - Love On are a classic Kodak moment.

2. Her photo shoot concept looks like an optimistic fangirl. I wonder who her idol biases are in real life.

3. She turned up the aegyo for this summer selfie.

4. How many teen fans would love to wear this darling outfit to school?

5.Let's start shipping Sae Ron and ASTRO's Sanha! I think the To Be Continued co-stars would be the sweetest teen celebrity couple. Who wouldn't be jealous of them?

6. Before Yoon Si Yoon, the handsome Nam Joo Hyuk made her swoon in MBC's Glamorous Temptation. They played the younger version of the main couple, and their scene here is picture perfect.

7. They seriously need to become the next couple endorsement models. I would like to see them promote apparel and beauty products side-by-side. 

Which photo is your favorite? Also, what do you think of her first adult role as Seo Ri in Mirror of the Witch


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Image Credits: Kim Sae Ron's Twitter and MBC