This year, rookie actors have taken over the web and TV with their outstanding performances! Idols, models and young guys strictly focused on acting are stealing the show after only one to a few years on-screen. Let's meet a few of the rookie actors you are sure to be fangirling hard for in the coming years.

1. Chani 

His story was the very first one I chose when I watched Click Your Heart. The 16 year-old's acting and on-screen chemistry with Min Ah was astonishing for a rookie actor! I was hooked from episode one. Of course. the ending was very unexpected (and a little sad), but I'm glad viewers were able to see how extremely talented the NEOZ (aka NEOZ School) member is even before his official debut. Maybe you have viewed his previous supporting roles in dramas like Hwajung and Signal. Chani's fans are anxiously awaiting NEOZ's debut, which is expected sometime this year.

2. Kang Ki Young 

The 28 year-old actor is killing it as one of the hilarious ghost-catching club founders, Chun Sang, on Let's Fight Ghost. Since his 2014 debut in High School King of Savvy, Kang has been raking in the roles. You may remember this cute star best from his previous supporting roles in Puck! and Come Back, Mister.

3. Nam Joo Hyuk

Following the model-turned-actor's debut in the 2014 TvN comedy Surplus Princess, Nam has been unstoppable! This year, he delighted us by playing Bo Ra's love Kwon Eun Taek. It was heartwarming to see how devoted he was to her throughout the romantic comedy. I was actually disappointed the second couple didn't have more sweet scenes together. On August 29, we can look forward to seeing the 22 year-old take on the role of Prince Wang Wook in the historical series Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

4. Rowoon

Just like his fellow NEOZ member Chani, this 19 year-old actor hasn't even officially made his debut, but K-Pop fans already consider him their idol bias. Viewers instantly fell for Rowoon's good looks and charm after seeing him portray a star player on a high school baseball team in Click Your Heart. He was even nominated for the Best Rising Star Award from K Web Fest! Fans are anxiously awaiting his K-Pop debut with NEOZ after his dance team recently won on Mnet's D.O.B. 

5. Lee Seo Won

Suzy's on-screen brother from Uncontrollably Fond is doing an amazing job on the popular series! He plays the protective little brother role perfectly! The KBS drama is actually the second production the 19 year-old has ever acted in following a brief role in the 2015 JTBC series The Awl. Plus, the young star is in great company at his agency Blossom Entertainment because he is surrounded by modern icons like Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum. With his great performance, Lee is well on his way to being their next Hallyu star!

6. Kim Jong Moon 

Even though he had small supporting roles in the dramas What's Up and Faith, the world hasn't had a chance to truly witness Kim's innate acting skills. We were introduced to the mysterious yet chilling character the 28 year-old portrayed in the short series Touching You. Was anyone else just a little creeped out by Kang Hyun Seo early on the series? 

7. Lee Tae Hwan

After debuting in the 2014 series High School King of Savvy, it seems like Lee has become a household name! The first time I saw his friendly face was in the upbeat series Thumping Spike. His smile lit up the screen, and I know many were cheering for him to win Hwang Seung Eon's heart. The 21 year-old tugged at everyone's heartstrings for 20 episodes straight! I wonder if he and fellow 5urprise member Seo Kang Joon will ever team up in a production in the future.

Of course, these are only a few of the many rookie actors that have blown us away this year. We still have several months to go! 

Since January, which actor impressed you the most?

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Image Credit: Lee Seo Won's Instagram


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