Descendants of the Sun ended a little while ago. By now, you're probably having some intense withdrawals, right? DramaFever is here for you! There are several dramas you can watch your favorite DOTS actors in that will fill that incredibly big void. The good news is that many of the main actors had roles in some of the most beloved productions from yesteryear (even though one star had his big break in the theatre). Let's reminisce about some of the productions you might remember seeing your favorite DOTS star in, and shows you have to watch again!

1.Song Joong Ki (Yoo Shi Jin)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Goo Yong Ha and Moon Jae Shin's coveted bromance almost overshadowed the main characters' love story in this 2010 hit series. Who didn't love Song's Yong Ha?

2. Song Hye Gyo (Kang Mo Yeon)

 Full House

Way before the SongSong couple was born, Song Hye Gyo portrayed Rain's love interest, Han Ji Eun, in one of the hottest romantic comedies of 2004. Rain's acting career took off thanks to his noona's support.

3. Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young)

Falling in Love With Soon Jung

Jin Goo took on the role of Ma Dong Wook in last year's romantic series about a heart transplant changing one's personality. It must have affected us all, because everyone hearts Jin Goo in real life now.

4. Kim Ji Won (Yoon Myung Joo)

One Sunny Day

She was the girl who helped Ji Ho forget his failed relationship in the short romantic web series. Her on-screen chemistry with actor So Ji Sub was so sweet, and the scenery in the show was beautiful and serene.  

5. Jun Soo Jin (Ri Ye Hwa)


She played one of the rich and spoiled kids in the beloved 2013 romantic comedy. Her role was small, but no one could possibly forget Kang Ye Sol, right? 

6. David Lee McInnis (Agus)

Air City

He played the small supporting role of Charlie in the action-packed 2007 series based on the inner workings of an airport. Incheon International Airport never looked better!

7. Onew (Lee Chi Hoon)

Rock Of Ages

In 2010, he accepted the lead role of Drew in the Rock of Ages play. I know ShaWols enjoyed seeing their adorable Onew perform live in such an iconic role.

Which star's pre-DOTS production was your favorite?


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