A few wrinkles on their handsome visage actually adds to their appeal, although for many of them, 40 looks like the new 30 or even 20. These splendid leading men are entering their prime time, just like fine wine that has been well aged. Still youthful and energetic, they can evoke strong emotional response enhanced by their varied experiences in life beyond their charming roles on the screen. Here is a list of 8 more such dashing men to add to the 6 Hot Leading Men Who Are Over 40.

My previous list covered mostly Korean stars: Ji Jin HeeCha Seung WonLee Bum SooLee Sun Gyun, and Jang Dong Gun, along with the exceptional Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo.

Here, I'll start with a fine roster of leading men from Chinese dramas and then present more from K-dramas.

1. Wallace Chung - star of one of our leading Chinese dramas, General and I. Would you believe the warrior in love is 42? No wonder he can play a much younger man in the hit historical romance.

He also shows an awesome comedic flair in the fast action movie, Bounty Hunters, with Lee Min Ho,

2. Jin Dong - star of mystery thriller Candle in the Tomb. The man who can play a suave gentleman (such as in Ode to Joy) or a bold treasure hunter just had his 40th birthday in December.

3. Daniel Wu - the handsome and caring doctor in the heartwarming movie, Go Away Mr. Tumor, is 42. The American-born leading man is equally flexible in Chinese and American productions.

4. Nicky Wu - the 46-year-old singer-actor has won our heart in the time-travel romance classic, Scarlet Heart, especially when he and his leading lady Cecilia Liu sealed their love by marrying in real life.

5. David Wang, the 42-year-old actor has excelled in both Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. In To Be A Better Man, he plays a competitive businessman who is willing to wait patiently for his true love.

Of course we also have more K-drama hunks to include! Read on...

6. Oh Ji Ho - the 40-year-old (or 41 in Korean age) handsome actor most recently played a conman who finds a surprise of his life in Oh My Geum Bi

7. Jang Hyuk - star of the thrilling crime drama Voice where he plays a tough detective with a broken heart. The famous actor of many acclaimed dramas just celebrated his 40th birthday (or 41st in Korean age) in December.  

8. Song Seung Hun - Can you believe the handsome hunk with the perfect abs from My Princess is 40 now? Actually, he's 41 by Korean age. Time definitely stops for him.

We're very lucky that Song Seung Hun has returned to K-dramaland as an aristocratic artist in the romance mystery with a twist, Saimdang: Light's Diary


Saimdang: Light's Diary (Herstory)

Starring Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun

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These leading men simply represent the best at their age and in their profession. How can anyone resist their charms?

Who would you like to add to the list?

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