Actor Dan Stevens portrayed the confused and hopelessly in love Edward Ferrars in BBC's 2008 miniseries Sense and Sensibility. His character on-screen made viewers angry, but they couldn't help falling for him in the end. Let's take a look at 7 dashing photos of the lovable actor who took viewers' emotions on an intense roller-coaster ride.

1. He looks like a member of England's royal family in this three piece suit fit for a day at the derby. He's ready for upscale Spring and Summer outings.

2. He's hot and means business! It's great to see him dress down after all of his upscale Downton Abbey looks.

3. His dark locks really bring out his jewel-toned eyes. His wife Susie Hariet didn't need a ring when he proposed, his eyes were enough.

4. Who doesn't love a guy with a sense of humor? The handsome star looks like he just heard the best joke in the world in this image.

5. Bad boys are irresistible! Stevens proves to be one of the most alluring ones yet in this sexy photo.

6. Intellectual men are the best! Everyone loves a guy who can sit back and enjoy a good book.

7. Fangirls around the world can finally see just how sexy he is! Who knew this was all hidden under his impressive wardrobe?

Which dashing photo of Dan is your favorite? Will you be tuning in to Sense and Sensibility to see more of him?

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