Next month, Sung Hoon returns to television in the fun romantic comedy I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street. In this 10-episode web series, Sung Hoon plays a celebrity who accidentally gets picked up by an ordinary girl (Kim Ga Eun). He makes his hilarious attempts at escape once he gets locked in her house. I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street is scheduled to premiere on November 1.Sung Hoon has worked alongside the most talented actors in the industry over the years. Take a look at some of his dazzling dramas.

1. He and Song Ji Eun had sizzling chemistry in My Secret Romance! In the series, they played a nutritionist and wealthy businessman who fall madly in love after an accidental one night stand.

2. In the popular shoe Oh My Venus, Sung Hoon portrayed a professional MMA fighter. He joined So Ji Sub (Terius Behind Me) and Henry Lau's characters and formed a team of personal trainers for the former "Venus of Daegu".

3. Similar to I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street, Noble My Love is about a veterinarian (Kim Jae Kyung) accidentally running into a injured rich man on the street. She rescues him, and the pair begin their love story.

4. In Passionate Love, Sung Hoon coupled up with actress Choi Yoon Young. They portrayed star-crossed lovers who initially formed a bond over the death of a loved one.

5. He became white-haired royalty in Faith! His character is also a skilled fighter whose mission is to kill.

6. In New Tales of Gisaeng, he played a cold second generation chaebol who fell in love with a modern-day gisaeng.

Which drama is your favorite? Don't forget to watch Sung Hoon's I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street when it premieres early next month!

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Image Credit: Chosun