Fight the post-Noona Day blues with cute K-drama boys! Today, I'll bet you're missing all the attention your cute dongsaeng gave you over the weekend. You would do anything to see that unforgettable aegyo just one more time! The joy of Noona's Day doesn't have to end, because there are plenty of dramas to hold you over until next year. If your schedule is too hectic to commit to a full length drama, then these adorable short shows (starring cute young guys) should help get you started.

1. Thumping Spike

Besides wowing the entire school, volleyball goddess Kang Se Ra has stolen the hearts of student athletes Hwang Jae Woong and Baek Woo Jin. She may be coaching them about the game of volleyball, but the guys may just teach her about innocent young love. 


Thumping Spike

Starring Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Eon

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2. Astro OK Ready!

We all loved Astro in their To Be Continued short series, and they didn't disappoint us in this hilarious behind-the-scenes look at their idol life this year. Astro OK Ready is a lighthearted series featuring games and plenty of aeygo for noona's viewing pleasure. 


Astro OK Ready!

Starring Cha Eun Woo and Moon Bin

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3. Choco Bank

Actress Park Eun Bin is two years older than Kai in real life. The idol and actor turned out to be a true sweetheart in this sugary series about running a chocolate store. Their initial rocky relationship became heartwarming after he started caring for his noona. 


Choco Bank

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin

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4. Click Your Heart

Neoz School's JuhoRowoonChani and Dawon made AOA's Minah swoon with their unique displays of love. What is a girl to do when four guys are vying for her attention? I'll bet I'm not the only one who developed a noona crush on Rowoon.


Click Your Heart

Starring Kwon Min Ah (Min A) and Baek Ju Ho

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5. Dream Knight

We all fantasize about the day we get to hang out with our favorite idol group. In this series, the members of GOT7 not only hang out with their fangirl, but they move in and protect her. A noona fan's dream come true!


Dream Knight

Starring Song Ha Yoon and Jackson Wang

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BONUS: Bong Soon - a Cyborg in Love

Starring Super Junior's Cho Kyu Hyun and Yoon So Hee, this brand new web drama explores a future where the line between humans and robots becomes blurred and people must ask themselves what exactly defines the human heart. What happens when a scientist falls in love with a cyborg, but she's programed to shut down if she experiences romantic feelings in return? 



Bong Soon - a Cyborg in Love

Starring Cho Kyu Hyun and Yoon So Hee

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Which delightful short series will you start watching first? 

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