The hard-working ladies on this list are some of our favorite actresses of all time. However, the actresses have either been single for awhile, or dating on and off again when they are not busy entertaining us in another fabulous K-drama or film. We would love to see all the talented actresses find the love of their lives and have a real life happily ever after, but the girls listed below stand out among the rest.

1. Park Shin Hye

Everyone loves this wonderful actress so much; they only have positive things to wish for her future. So, I'm certain many are anticipating the right guy to walk into her life and give her a breathtaking proposal. A part of us hopes the 25 year-old finds happiness with Pinnochio co-star Lee Jong Suk.

2. Son Ye Jin

The Summer Scent actress once expressed in an interview that she didn't want a husband to hinder her career. That is probably because she hasn't met the right guy yet! The 33-year-old timeless beauty may have to find another hard-working actor who will understand her and the business to give her a swoon worthy proposal.

3. Gong Hyo Jin

She has brought such joy into K-drama fans' lives over the years through her many shows like Producer, Greatest Love, It's Okay, That's Love, that fans can't help but anxiously await her wedding day. This 35 year-old doll needs the perfect proposal that will make all the on-screen love confessions she has received pale in comparison.

4. Kim Tae Hee

The Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love actress seems to be in a serious relationship with the world's ultimate crush, Rain. Besides hitting the jackpot in the boyfriend department, fans are eagerly awaiting the most romantic proposal for the 35 year-old star. He can even serenade her with a beautiful love ballad!

5. Yoon Ah

The Girls Generation member was every male celebrity's dream girl until Lee Seung Gi finally won her heart. The Prime Minister and I actress seems to be the perfect candidate for a romantic proposal. If Lee doesn't step up to the plate, another guy may steal the 25 year-old idol away with just the right proposal.

Which lady are you rooting for to get the most romantic proposal?

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