After reading all of your terrific comments to my last boy-next-door article, I decided to compile another list just for you. I read that some of you loyal K-drama fans would love to live next door to guys who are over 30. I completely understand the need to live next to handsome gentlemen with a little more wisdom. My last list was full of sexy, smart guys who were all in their twenties.

According to your suggestions, here is another list of the dreamy older guys you want to move in next door to you.

1. Rain

The 32-year-old sexy singer and actor has been making hearts race around the world since 1998. If you can just get his 2009 Ninja Assassin movie out of your head, living next door to Rain would be a breeze. Remember how nice of a neighbor he was in My Lovable Girl?

2. Gong Yoo

He seems to be the ultimate dream guy. After falling for Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince, K-drama fans can't get enough of Gong! He has the face many adore, and he probably has a sweet personality. This 35-year-old star would make the perfect boy next door.

3. Jo In Sung

The It's Okay, That's Love actor just looks like the perfect neighbor. I could easily see him mowing the lawn, tending the garden, and painting the house. He may be a top actor, but there is something so humble about him. Just like his classicShoot for the Star character, I feel like anyone can sit down and have a comfortable conversation with this 33-year-old actor.

4. Park Shi Hoo

The How to Meet A Perfect Neighbor actor already knows how to win over neighbors with the ultimate fan service. The 37-year-old handsome star started his career as an underwear model. I think I have said enough. I know you can look forward to plenty of shirtless car washes with Park Shi Hoo.

5. So Ji Sub

The 37-year-old veteran actor is like Joo Won from my last list. He just feels like home. When viewers turn on a So drama, they know it's going to deliver and they will be glued to the screen. He makes K-drama fans stay at home for the most rewarding marathons. Plus, we all secretly hope he brings little So Ji Sub (actor Yoo Seung Ho) to be his roommate.

Are there any South Korean actresses you would love to see move in next door?

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